Feel free to join

currently open 20 person server. Heavy on building mods for those that are big into building like myself. Also active for PVP for those that want to have a fun guild rivalry. Hope to see people join in.

Server Name: Mods to build, PVP enabled

Exp rates and recourse gathering have been turned up to accommodate for those builder enthusiast.

List of Mods:

  1. Stone Statues
  2. Pippi
  3. Emberlight
  4. The Age of Calamitous
  5. Crafty Counters
  6. Sand and Stone 1.0.5
  7. LBPR
  8. Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
  9. LitMan Level One Fifty Six
  10. Shadows of Skelos
  11. Immerse RP
  12. Unlock Plus with Pickup