Server wipers. Your fan base needs you Funcom

Game mode: [Online Ps4 server 3593
Problem: players wiping servers systematically
Region: us

You will lose your entire Conan exiles fan base because of the exploits being used on server 3593. 3600 was the last one they wiped. 3892, before server 3175 before that. Those are just the ones ive witnessed it on.

Psn players Bokzord and Kyle_laaaad are exploiting lag and duplication glitches to wipe entire servers, and once wiped, load into another. You cannot fight someone who has infinite health and resources.

Take the time today to log on and see for your self. They actually named their characters “ extinction is coming”.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey there, thank you for letting us know. We have another thread already on this here but in the future, please either go through the Exploit Hunter program or DM a community manager directly. We’re investigating this and are aware of these exploits but I absolutely understand the frustration from this in the meantime. If you have any info on this, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you very much!

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I have already mentioned it on that post. I’m tired of running to a new server everytime these guys show up. Everyone is losing steam, and we want to play and enjoy this game, because we love it!

Thank you for looking into this problem.

Our whole server is banding together despite past aggressions to try and stop these guys in clans “ status effect” and clan “ 3600”. I do know they are using bonfires to duplicate things, but do not know how. It keeps showing up in our event logs rhat they’re stealing 100X an item we didnt even have.

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