Please Implement Dynamic on Official PvP

I’ve played on Official PvP with my friends since launch. It always ends the same way: us being raided while we’re at work, or we’re on all week and the day we take a break we get raided.

I know the biggest argument against Dynamic is “people will never get on during raid time so they can’t be raided” and to that I say then they also aren’t on to raid people. I would rather be raided to my face than offline. At least then I can defend my base. You can even change it to be raid 24/7 in that case so if you’re on you can be raided.

I honestly am beginning to believe the main people against Dynamic are people who offline raid because they can’t deal with actually fighting players.


If memory serves, I believe Den said there was an exploitable part of it and that is the reason it is off for officials.

Now I don’t know where that fix is in the priority list but they haven’t talked much about it since that time about a year ago.


I would assume it’s based on the set raid hours, which ya, it’d be highly exploited.

Simply make raiding 24/7 and problem solved.


No. Proxy tribes can be used to make unraidable barriers, offline spam etc. you or your tribe mates should be on during raid hours to defend. Maybe raid hours should be shorter during the week but the normal raid settings is far better than the toxic mess dynamic mode would make

Make that a ban-able offense. My work hours are during raid time, and our co-leaders hours often fall during raid time. We can’t be on every day. And more often than not people wait for that to raid.

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Griefing is already against the rules so using any kind of unraidable structure for offense or defense should be reportable.

That is already done anyway.


So take your Ls and move to a server with a raid window that matches up with your schedule? No one is forcing you to play inconvenient hours.

Funny you should mention bans. Exploiting has always been a big problem with this game too and waiting for a GM to come play whack a mole with alts when seconds count is wishful thinking.
The meta will literally become alt offline spam etc. what’s a ban to a throw away alt account when main accounts and the license isn’t banned anyways?

I get where you’re coming from but any kind of offline raid protection just opens the door for more exploiting.

Turn it on for 1 month. 24/7. Set decay to 4 days. Set harvest and xp to x1, spawn timers 4x as slow, then in prime 4 hour window bump the rates to 5x xp and 5x harvest and spawn timers to twice as fast as current to push people to play during then because “pve rewards” are way better. See if it spikes player count. 15 minute cool down timer. Now that they “fixed???” the hp resetting at server restart, even if you dont get in, you can slowly dig at the base if they dont get on to farm repairs.

There’s no fix that can be done. The exploit is a loophole in the concept of the system (assuming 24/7 raid hours).

If the timer is set too low, defenders can exploit by logging off mid raid. If the timer is set too high, attackers will sit and wait for defenders to log off and offline them during the window.

That is the exploit, and its been the exploit of offline protection since its inception in other games. You could argue that the exploit listed is not bad enough to warrant not using it. And well there’s quite a few server owners that agree with you.

I doubt that’s the only reason FC doesn’t want to use it. I think it has more to do of their policy of ‘offering a server experience they wish to offer’. Which for PVP includes easy offline raiding. Which means according to Funcom. Offline raiding is legit, meant to be done, and how you play on their servers. It is the meta for those servers by the intent of those who run them. Offline raiding while unpopular is a playstyle, one that FC wishes to cater to on their PVP servers.


Don’t give Den that much credit of knowing what an exploit actually is. Reality is that current official raid servers are litered with PVE type players who play 10 hours a day non stop, have 4 body vaults and only raid when the % of success is waaaaayyy in thier favor (i uave seen multiple times 2 or 3 well established clans on one server inly raid new players and low levels. Mainly to chase them off server so they can pve with 4x rates). To FC, that is whale bazaar money they won’t tick off.

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Honestly, i have thougjt about doing that on ALT number 5 on my laptop. So if FC figures out the way to ban an entire rig, my og ones are safe.

i never got banned for building there nor raided people are nowadays busy with raiding meshes and skybases no one really bother to go outside of map so thats why i easily confess what i do :rofl:

The exploit is a rather simple one to solve, isn’t it? Officials should have a 3 hour raid window with a 15-30 min delay after last clan member logs off during raid hours before online protection kicks on. Simple.

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Let’s break this down.

If you have a 3 hour raid window, you effectively have a PVE-C server. People simply log out 15-30 minutes before the timer starts and be unraidable. Raid windows and offline protection don’t go well together. This is why most advocate for 24/7 raid windows.

I agree with them. It means when you play, be prepared to fight. PVP is PVP.

Now let’s look at the exploit I mentioned. The problem with offline protection itself. You mentioned a 15-30 minute timer. 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes. The differences between those choices is relatively negligible for the sake of argument.

But the question has to be asked. Is 15-30 minutes enough time to cause damage. If the answer is no, then defenders can simply log out when being attacked to save their valueables.

If the answer is yes. Then attackers can wait until defenders log off and then offline raid the defenders.

Those two paragraphs are the exploits being spoken of when there is reluctance to turn it on. I do wish to point out that isn’t an opinion I share. I’m merely explaining the reasonings given.

I do have to ask… after 6 years of 19 hours of safe time and 5 hours of raid time… what changed for everyone? Why is it such an issue ‘now’? If its always been a problem, how did you all suffer through it for 6 years?

There’s been no incentive to change the server settings. If you sort by FC servers set to PVP, there’s at least a full server or two. Empty that out for a month and you’ll see FC change something.

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I am always amused at how much opinion you have for servers you have no interest in as far as sertings go. (Your words, not mine). Stick to giving your expertise on privayes and mods. Official players want settings to expand the player base. DbD would, imo 6 years of experience, bring back alot of my friends who cant spend 7 nights, 5 hours babysitting hoping for a rare chance at actual base pvp.


I’m good with that. Let’s break it down:

If you have a 3 hour raid window, you effectively have a PVE-C server. People simply log out 15-30 minutes before the timer starts and be unraidable. Raid windows and offline protection don’t go well together. This is why most advocate for 24/7 raid windows.

How do you figure that? If they aren’t in for raid time they also cannot raid. PVE-C has zero raiding what so ever so your comparison makes no sense. Have you ever played on a server with a game that had raid windows with offline protection? Because I’m thinking you haven’t. Look, you’re either for or against offline raiding. It’s clear you’d prefer PVP to be as it is now, shit.

But the question has to be asked. Is 15-30 minutes enough time to cause damage. If the answer is no, then defenders can simply log out when being attacked to save their valueables.

How long do you spend on average offline raiding people? I can solo raid a base of just about any scale in 15-30 minutes. If I’m playing with 3 of my friends, no base would be safe. I can speak from experience on this. The server I played on in Reign of Kings was setup as my example.

Yep, that can definitely happen, if the person getting raided either doesn’t understand the timer or just doesn’t care. That’s not an exploit. When logging in and playing on a server you should know what the rules are. If everyone on the server knows the rules this shouldn’t happen at all.

It’s always been an issue. It’s always been a complaint. It’s the reason why there are less than 500 concurrent players across all PVP server’s at primetime when the overall online player count is 10,000. We’ve suffered through it and we are gluttons for punishment :stuck_out_tongue: But one look on steam charts kinda tells the tale.


I’m going to take that stance and be the bad guy. I’ve always been on the side of offline protection being turned on for the unmoderated servers. But you’ve convinced me otherwise. In every closed beta test I’ve been in, I’ve recommended that they turn on offline protection. But @Mozzie has convinced me of the error of my ways and I will discontinue doing so.

Funcom should keep things as they are. The setting match exactly the style of play deserving of the people who play there. It is PERFECT, an absolutely PERFECT for the kind of people who play on those servers.

Why is FC having someome who openly says base game officials mean nothing to them? Seems wierd they take the opinion of someone who doesn’t even play what they are helping balance.
That is why I have zero faith in @den leadership on the progress of pvp.

It is like a Boeing getting a helicopter pilot to help lay out a commercial airplane cockpit, when that helicopter pilot openly says they dont fly commercial airplanes, and dont care to.



in my humble opinion offline Raid protection is very unfair thing for player like us if you cant defend your base for 5 hours you dont deserve to play this game simple as that i would even like to have 24/7 Raid window if possible if funcom brings things only smart ones will survive and chosen ones :blush: