Please Implement Dynamic on Official PvP

So let’s say for 1 month you’re diligent on your server every single night, logging in and staying around for the full 5 hours. Things go as normal, clan 2 and 3 maybe 4 if you’re lucky, do their business as normal. You farm a few resources, watch a movie and then call it a night once the raid window is complete. Sort of sounds like a job right?

Then, your husband asks that for 1 night, and 1 night only, you go out for supper. The rest of your clan is not available to stand guard and you decide to honour their simple, human, normal request.

You come back and your base was razed to the ground by clan 5, you’re in the desert.

How is that fair?


idk but funcom please consider bringing 24/7 Raid window i would have so much fun please


So no comment on how it is fair or unfair to offline raid?

That people have lives and shouldn’t have to babysit their bases all raid window, 7 days a week, all month +?

Don’t get me wrong here. I think that offline raiding is a reality but when it is a norm there is a problem.

It is a norm.

I’ve offline raided myself but it is based on several factors and NOTHING to do with waiting until my opponent is offline. If I prepped and assumed they’d be online then I act. But I will never raid a commonly offline clan. It’s being a puss.


In my experience, most offline raiders are really pvers whowant the 4x benefit of pvp server to themselves. Many a time thier are 2 or 3 large clans who have 1 babysitter that NEVER pvp each other. They will watch each others back and than gang attack a nrw clan within 2-3 days of them joining, knowing they can outlast based soley on hoards of materails (more than likely on kultiple body vaults if necessary.) If offlining is to continue as is meta, then i say chang settings to 24/7, 10x Harvest, instant level 60 so at least a new can can last as long as they like. The games pvp require to many end game metas like weapons and armor, that having stacks of back ups like dead server hoarders have is a must for “balance”.

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Exactly what you’ve written is why I think regular server wipes are much needed.

24/7 raid, DBD, 3 month intervals for server wipes.

No long standing year+ long hoards, mitigate offline raiding and cheats. A goal to work towards and some leeway to establish for a short period.


I agree. The official pvp servers to work as mich as possible with resource balances. The ease pf the pve part has made hoarding super easy once a server does fpr about a mont, some even a year. Raid servers should be more war like. And a major cost of war is resources. When one side has 1000 times the advantage over a new, thier loss is miniscule to a new clan “farming up” to even attempt pvp.

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Absolutely. What has prevented my clan and I from successfully establishing on any new server in the past 6 months are longstanding clans with hoards.

Because we play legitimately we’re at a severe disadvantage. Not only do we need to level up, farm and look for a place to call home, we’re at the behest of the alpha(s) who have held meta spots for a year+.

Being that a good majority of PVP clans tend to lean on exploitation it makes all this even harder. The access to resources is extremely unbalanced as a result. So it doesn’t matter how much we hide, how much we farm, how good we are at fighting, raiding or outsmarting, we’ll be defeated if we play legitimately.

We could go no base and completely nomadic but that has a bad taste in our mouths, we want to experience being raided. But when you have the alpha + friends (all other players on server) attacking your base for merely being on the server at all it’s incredibly annoying.

Of course we can always call on our BVs on other servers, day 1 be ready to devastate any clan but it takes a lot out of the fun of it all. There is certainly an amusement in calling down your BV full of DP for a hot minute, but I WANT the experience of building up, the anticipation. You can’t do that on a x4 Official from a ground level standpoint without severely impacting the idea of what “PVP” is supposed to be.

Maybe I am stuck in a concept of what PVP should be in comparison to what it is… or what it turned into.

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I think raid cant never be fair. Online or offline.
Everyone has different numbers in their clans and skill level. Also the gear they use.
Not always you be online, defending successfully.

Fair thing would maybe be. That the attacking clan cant raid until the the other clan accepts.
Then they could fight fair. One raid and other defending.
That way if clan of 10 come and want to ride solo.
Solo can say no thank you. And if clan of 10 want to raid clan of 10 and clan of 10 feels like they can defend, can say ok come try your luck…

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your clan and my clan seem to be similiar in taste!

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That only works on rp privates. The offline raid type clans would just not accept. Again, those that love the offline meta are really pvers who do not want to actually pvp other players during a raid, amd live off the easier farming rates.


We’ve successfully defended a multi-clam raid on a single base with a total of three of us on the ground fighting and one in base repairing for two days straight. We can defend a base like it’s our life. But the fact that none of that matters when we have to go to work the next day. I got messages from the raiders that night at work if them bragging about getting in because we weren’t on. Only to them be hunted on multiple servers by these people for years now. A week hasn’t gone by since then that we are not offline raided.

Going to an EU server with over 100 ping is not a great option because the lag during PvP is already bad on NA servers sometimes. Can’t imagine fighting with lag a latency issue.

We will generally only offline raid the known problem players/clans. Generally the know offline raiders. The ones who will never raid us to our face.

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Like walking around in the volcano and suddenly hit by lag. I’ve been noticing a new wave of DDOSers that make that lag for that reason.

Anyways, DBD (on officials) seems like something worthy to try and not just talk about.


Expecting players to log 5 hours a day, every day for as long as you want to play pvp is an extreme position. Which is why very few people actually bother on official PVP.

Um, alright. I’m sorry if my post came off as an attack but it’s clear from what you’ve wrote you don’t know much about this subject yet you’ve formed opinions that are incorrect anyways. If you’d care to write a proper counterargument to my points I’d be happy to review. I would like to hear from somebody who has actually played on a server with offline protection and would like to make the argument that the way Funcom runs officials is better for the community then what I propose. But I don’t think those people will exist. We’ll see :slight_smile:

I have played on servers with offline protection. On several games. When I talk about the minor exploits, I speak from being on the receiving end of those. I personally don’t believe they’re bad enough to warrant leaving it off, and I’ve indicated that during feedback in closed betas. But this thread is making me believe that I am casting pearls before swine by doing so.

I outlined what the exploits were, stated they were minor, and then got accused of supporting DBD being left off. So the hell with it, what do I lose by changing my position and actually do what you accuse me off? I can easily take the position of ‘well its been on for 6 years, leave it be.’

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Perhaps the reason it feels like you’re casting pearls is because the way you structure your argument it appears to others you are arguing in bad faith. What servers have you played with base raiding & offline protection? Was there a delay? What were the positives? What were the negatives? Go into detail about this experience. Your lack of specificity makes me think you’re talking from both ends.

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I feel like an issue with comparing how DBD will work on Official PvP with Unofficial servers is that unless the settings are Official settings, the idea of how DBD will influence the power dynamic of clans is a little skewed. I’ve found very few Unofficial servers with 1:1 Official PvP settings.

The positives and negatives are directly tied to the settings. I’ve said that already.

If the delay is too high, you get offline raided as you do now. If the delay is too low then defenders will log out the moment they get raided and think they might not be able to win. - That is the exploit that is being referenced when FC says they are reluctant to turn it on.

My opinion before this thread started was that the exploit was negligible so long as the delay isn’t set to something like 5 minutes or an hour. If its right around 30 minutes then logging off mid raid means you took the damage before you logged off and then 30 minutes more before the timer kicks in. That makes that relatively risky. But 30 minutes also means if someone wants to offline raid you, then they have to sit and watch your activity and make a guess if everyone logged off or not. If they play it too safe then they waste time they could be causing damage.

Now for my personal experience there is a major problem with online raiding (where your victims are online), but I haven’t gone into it here because it would heavily deviate the thread.

@Irkalla There is more at play with private servers than server settings there. More private servers run without DBD than do, and even if they do, many don’t rely on it. But again I don’t wish to deviate the thread. Need another thread devoted to active/online raiding I think.

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See, this is where you lose me. “too low, too high”, this is subjective stuff and you keep saying exploit when it isn’t an exploit. Let me explain by example.

The example server has a 25 minute delay after last clan member logs off during raid window. Clan A logs off during the raid time and Clan B starts attacking their base 10 minutes afterwards. They only have 15 minutes but if clan B is experienced they still have the potential to cause catastrophic damage. How is that an exploit? Clan A should know this is a possibility. Even still, I’d be perfectly happy if a warning screen came on to remind clan A their base is vulnerable until XX period if they attempt to log off during raid hours.

Yes, a clan could log off if they feel they’re going to lose the battle. But if you ever actually played on a server with a setup remotely like this you would know that this scenario rarely happens. Which is why I don’t believe you’re being honest, frankly.

However, I still feel a delay is an important component to raid protection. The clan raiding may still have a chance of getting the best loot and the clan getting raided still has some chance of keeping some of their items. The latter is important due to the rampant cheating (and lack of recourse) that exists on official.

I’d even be okay if there were two different delay timers. One for if no damage has occured and one for if it has.

Okay, name servers that have these values.