Explosives are hurting this game's growth!

Well devs cant force people to be online.

I dont like it either, but mainly because explosives are too easy to use and trebuchets are too inconvenient and weak.

i like this idea. Basically it slowly opens your base to offlining based on how long you are a way. Purge meter could be used as a measuring stick, the lower it is the lower hp of your base. Let us say if the meter is 75% full, full protection. Then anything lower used in a hp formula…
Like HP=(0.75HP)+(xHP). x being %purge meter if less than 75%.
So a 100,000 Foundation with a meter of 74% would be @ 149,000Hp, and if meter is 0%, it would be 50,000hp. 0% meter would mean that clan hasnt really played in a while, so reducing the cost to “clean” it off server.

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Actually they do, called decay timer.


Pvp raiding is ok atm , only thing thats actually needed is more ways to defend your base offline , like more traps or objects like archer towers you could put your thralls in etc…


Yes, exactly. Imo it’s still better than nothing and it could be a nice buffer.
I don’t think they need to tie it to the purge though (especially since they’re throwing that out next update :stuck_out_tongue: ) but just using the simple last online timer to get a value from a curve (as in an actual curve unreal asset, which is perfect for this stuff).
You’d feed it the number of minutes since the player was last online and it would spit out a value between 0 and 1 which would be the damage modifier of your buildings and they could set up that curve any which way they want… say all 0 for the first day, and then slowly increase, then speed it up etc.


The problem with PVP servers is there is too many PVP servers. There’s more PVP servers than PVP players.

And people wonder why there is offline raiding?

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This one has mixed feelings.

On the one hand, the IED meta isn’t lore friendly and bases might as well be made from cardboard even at the highest tier. Raid windows do not have enough variety within regions and are thus somewhat punitive to those working evening or overnight shifts.

On the other, PvP Public has raid windows and one’s footprint doesn’t leave when they go offline, so they are fair game. Whatever’s on the table plays, and your enemy shouldn’t have to schedule their attack on your convenience. Those who don’t show up to a battle lose by default. Also, Public servers are meant to be an uncurated free for all. Follow the small number of rules but otherwise anything goes.

There’s a laundry list of issues that have left raids as matters of who has the most firecrackers and best timing, which is far more realistic than it should be…

I agree, pvp raiding is okay. Problem is most official raids are offline pvb. Enhancing defense would help some, but still 5 hours is more than enough to chew thru a decent ToS safe base.


Also, in a real scenario you would not be out of your body and your mind somewhere else unless in CE’s case Sorcery was at play. Someone starts beating on your door or blasting your ceiling and walls you would hopefully wake up and start defending or grab what you could and flee.

Obviously, players have lives outside of this game and those lives don’t always (some ever) line up to raid windows and the ones that do rule any and all servers they play on.

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I’m always amazed the number of times I’d be online during raid time over multiple nights and of course no raids on my base. As soon as I take a night off I get raided and lose everything… That is in no way PVP but PVB…


Uh, yeah, time to use the Ignore feature.

I’ve always wondered if Funcom is trying to create the hard core “RUST” like experience. If so, I don’t think that works well for Conan. In RUST pretty much everyone builds the exact same base, not much variety of equipment, and you quickly get equipment/blue prints. Not to mention the constant wipes…

In Conan you have folks devoting large amounts of hours building amazing bases (even on PVP servers), farming thralls, and crafting fighting kits.

In RUST when you get raided, no big deal. In Conan when you get raided you potentially lose weeks or months of hard work (and stinks not even having the chance to try to defend it). I’ve had many friends quit playing because of this very issue. One friend commented that it became more of a job than a fun game staying up EVERY night watching their base…

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To be fair, in war, when one slays a foe, don’t just respawn at their bedroll or in sandbox.
Especially when striking an undefended target, having lures the defenders out, they cannot just become an hero and use that to teleport home.

There’s a mountain of issues and complications that make offlining a much bigger issue than perhaps it should be.

Hopefully the thrall AI system update can address a bit of it, so the guards actually guard…
But that is yet to be seen and that’s only one of the many ingredients that have made the current raid meta what it is.

Personally, this one finds the abuse available from offline protection worse than the inequity of offline raiding.
On public servers.
That’s not meant to say that those with a different view are wrong. People have different priorities and expectations.

well may be they will realize one day that they totally broke balance of siege mechanism for pvp, the amount of bomb u can do per day is just insane now, sorcery allow easyly to raid most of all bases except cave, and they choosed to make arrow damage to base x2 of what it was in past, and they killed all way to have a base defense offline (thralls nerfed to death, kurak dungeon levelling was a problem? seriously a thrall level 20 with best gear is killed bv a player in few seconds now, but time to level up a thrall at 20 is at least 3 hours) no mechanism of offline defense, and risk of ban if you dare to build a base able to resist more than 10-20mn to an offline raid), they apparently never played on a official pvp server to do this kind of error in game balance.


Enemies can check whether you are offline of course. Why would they raid when you are online? Its not like pvp exists for fun.

They can’t guard shit, my friend. You kill a thrall in seconds now. It’s almost as if they weren’t there. They are a small nuisance at best. It was a very bad idea to weaken them so much. When they are guarding, they are just nicely wrapped loot. Find one outside and you get your first free armor immediately, I reckon. Some people are ■■■■■■ builders, so you easily breach their bases without explosives and serve yourself too. Thralls are powerless at this point.

Edit: and this business about thralls isn’t easy to solve. Made too strong has its drawbacks too. But people definitely want them strong or they wouldn’t be getting arena champions as guards due to an exploit, or so I’ve heard. Those may actually guard something, because one mistake and you’re dead.


You log in for 5 seconds. Then you log out again.

Nothing needs to be done regarding decay. No need to farm resources or pay offline protection taxes like in Myth of Empires.

Yeah, this needs to be addressed. I think it can work similarly to the purge meter. You go online for a few minutes, you delay the decay a little. It just doesn’t get reset. That’s how I see offline protection working. If you stay offline all the time, you’ll lose it and then anything goes.

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That’s why you should be online and defend your base. If you can’t, save some loot somewhere (body vault) and repair your raided base with it.

It is what it is. People with more time and dedication WILL “win” on PvP servers eventually.

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Yes, protect yourself by not playing the game. This needs change, fhs! :smile:
But the part in which you said people with more time will win… that’s true. It’s also not a problem as long as you have some protection against offline raiding that makes you play. If you just go there to refresh the timers, then you should definitely be raided to the bone and it’s on you. I don’t oppose that at all. But there are limits. Nobody can be online 24/7. Only a very well coordinated clan could pull that off, but with limited results.