It is WAY TO EASY to raid a base

Please, do not compare hackers to programmers. The use of hacks is greater than… using hackers.

I’m not starting this argument here in this post again about this.

I don’t care what you call it. It’s semantics.

It is what it is and you know what it is. Enough.


It might take a hack to fix your situation. That’s not bad, hmm? We aren’t pointing fingers… just the hack.

Until then, then yes it is too easy to raid noobs that don’t understand the cheats already present. But yet, we have new fortifications on p2w.

Bombs too cheap and no risk to their use. No offline prevention or protection. Defense means nothing against large clans.

I think cutting down on placement distance will help.

As would making them prone to exploding on transporting, placing, and lighting of their fuses.

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Let’s add that they should be bench-crafted instead of hand-crafted :+1:


That adds only the cost of the bench to be carried.

Unless you’d like to see the removal of the Beast of Burden perk. Which I will wholeheartedly support.

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It implies other things, but I don’t feel like detailing all that :catnobanana:

bombs just need to be taken out of the game too many people exploit the bombs more often than not in offline raiding.

The bombs just need more professionalism for use. :poop:

The long-time issue is offline raiding and body vaults.

I’m solo, so the larger clans always win simply by brute force. I kinda rate the attackers raid-performance. Hey, might need a mod for more details. Hmmm.

I totally agree.

It’s too easy to destroy a base, and here are the reasons why:

  1. There are no real defenses. Thralls are too stupid
  2. It’s all too easy to produce lots of explosive jars
  3. Placing explosive jars is all too easy and can be easily spam even from a safe distance.

Here’s what they should do:

  1. Make it more difficult to place the explosive jars (perhaps a transport and positioning system similar to what was done with the trophies, or that when you transport them you can’t do anything else and it is slow and then, that you have to get very close to pizza them)

  2. Create better defenses (in other games, such as ark, rust, and the like, there are automatic turrets. Here you could put harpoons or the like, much more effective and less stupid than thralls)

  3. prevent the construction of bases in places that cannot be attacked by trebuchets (ceiling bases, bases inside obelisks or other). Thus, with the previous changes, trebuchets and deities become much more indispensable, which are often never used in pvp.

It would be nice:

  • having to build more realistic bases and think like in reality, thinking of active defenses, and not just build nests for bats ambushed in an unreachable hole and mega cubes on a pillar.

  • During offensive raids, you must proceed in stages, such as destroying defenses from a distance with trebuchet, before being able to get in close to use explosive jars.

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True. But they could also make expensive and like the transporter, where it cant be picked up, only destroyed. And make it like a t3 altar that shows on the map and restricts putting 2 too close together.

Yes please and it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to put it in line with the treb.

Also make it so that it takes time to complete repair on a missing building section (ie. foundation, wall, etc.) instead of instant replacement. This repair timer would also require you keep your repair hammer out while doing it and if you would need to switch to weapon the timer would freeze and resume when you began repairing again.

They should have never introduce flying and ice bridge in pvp, but they did and anticlimb is useless defense.


I say limit clans to 2 people.

This is not a solution, I’ve already come across some calns that were so many that they created more than one clan and allied with each other, so it doesn’t change if players create more clans instead of just one.


I would argue that it makes it way more difficult since you need people of both clans to be online during raidsessions. You need to handle 2 bases instead of one. Its more cost intensive. Both clans need members to trade goods back and forth. In a fight or raid you can not enter the other clans vaults or chests.

If one clan gets attacked the allied clan can go and fight with the initial attacker but you neither can repair your allies base nor have you control over their thralls/pets or vaults. You might get attacked the same way as the initial raider/attacker from companions.

There are pros but also cons about it. You can overcome some burdens by having multiple accounts but I would argue that unless you are playing with those people on a regular basis its often more complicated then helpfull.

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That could be their intention but of course they will never state what their intention is.

Very good chance that they want the game to be this way, since they don’t really care about moderating official servers, they prefer that everyone be able to quickly build up and delete bases left and right, rather than letting players be able to build up and maintain a big base.

In theory it improves performace and speeds up the gameplay loop.

Size matters. 20 people in two clans work together better then 20 people in 10 clans. @Winthor Gets it.