Nerf bombs arrow catapult dmg everything


I hade cave base around 100x fence stack and front with DB. I was go dinner for 20min me and my 3 mate. We get wipe on less 30min by big clan. 10 men spam all the way arrow.

And all work of 3-4 weeks are gone.
How do you thinke funcom. U don’t see why you’rs server are emtey? Do you thinke. We want farm hardcore for 30-20min wipe all our t4 thralls and stuff are gone from. Weeks farm too 20min? This is. It balance u killed pillar base the safe from raid with hard farming zeal for bubbel now they can wipe pillar eaay with catapult. U need make a balance for defance too. The defancd are too week. And new map have rly. Not good spot for build even pillar there are too week u can easy place bomb any where u want. You have too nerf bombs arrow or. Buff hp of t3. This are joke easy too raid. Image the offfline clans raid time is 6 hours we are like slaves in game and need be in game for 6 hours. U have make a system for defanc. Should be very hard too raid. Not easy Or bring back old bubbel
System that u can save go off 36 hours … now u can’t go f******* wc because u are afrid get raid. Wipe in that min. If. U don’t want make all server hard raid give us 2-3 server for. Hard raid. So can see how it goes. Then u have both for ppl want rly hardcore pvp and other want more chill pvp whit very save bases . And if u a r**** guy come and say go conflic. That is not yours problem. I talk too all ppl like me that want short pvp hours and no offline raid and hard too raid bases not easy because u out hours on farm shouldn’t be easy wipe other. Today 120x bomb I can wipe what I want. It joke. Easy compar the hours I spend on farming. And get wipe less 20min.

Well no base is protected from AFK simple as that no matter the stacking.

Protecting your base is much easier than you realise. In fact i’d say it favours the defender way more than the attacker.

  • Attackers can Yeet out: A good base design has a back door or some way to exit with the loot, its just a matter of hitting F and jettison out.

  • Defenders can spam. I raided a similiar cave like the one you described, everytime I took out a wall the defender could spam walls back in its place. Even a 10 man clan as a DP budget they realise is too expensive. I’ve even been attacked, looped around and blocked them back in. Always have a chest of already made blocks/walls for this exact reason on standby (Palisades are a godsend if you really want to annoy the raiders on horses etc).

  • Defenders can launch a god bubble for 36hours. Building a base with this in mind you can farm Zeal (500) easy in both Siptah and Exile Lands (more so). 500 zeal and pop a bubble whenever you think you are at your weakest will make it near impossible for a raider to get in (without the use of a God themselves). God bubbles work atm?

Only thing i agree with you on is the hours are a bit much each night. 6pm to Midnight night after night on week days is not healthy. Reducing this to a 4hr window is more than ample, no raid goes for 6hrs straight. It forces the attacker to have their act together in time for the raid as well. I’d even be fine with a 2-3hr window weekdays and 6hr window weekends (3pm onwards).

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I can feel your frustration, when losing without a fight it is so unfair. There are a lot of things you ain’t going to like in this games pvp, but playing with your buddies and starting from 0 again is one of the things I miss the most in this game. Play with them and have fun, it’s all that matters.

We have catapults now?A catapult

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I’m really sorry friend, but that’s one of the potential things you may be subjected against when joining servers, mainly officials.

If you don’t like this type of attitude or don’t have the time for it, I strongly recommend joining a more chill private server.

I can’t even recommend official pve/pve-c because there is also a ton of spamming morons there.

Good luck!

Peoples play on pvp servers and do not want to be raided and ask to nerf everything.

Go play pve and stop asking to nerf our pvp servers!!!

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And I’ve seen players complain how it takes a lot more resources to blow up a base than it takes to repair it, so wall and gate hitpoints should be lowered significantly, and bombs made cheaper.

The losing side always complains. If you sign on to a PvP game, you should accept that sometimes you are on the losing side. Let your guard down, and you’ll be eaten.

There are ways to deal with this…
You can spam vaults to protect your loot for example.
Imagine if you have 200 avulta with your loot spread all over them. It’s very expensive to destroy all of it.
Btw avatars are boring and very easy tô farm.
Ir should be harder to make one or maybe they could be weaker.

I play Conan long time I don’t have problem vs raider if I’m there. They need make defance. Good it trash right now we can farm 1k bombs in 5-6 hours it rly easy and thrall farming is hard you not always get t4

U can raid any big stack base good even if they try repair attacker win in end u can’t repair for every attacker have more way too raid u now catapult. Gods. Bombs arrow. Defance have bubbel. Only work in apex bases now don’t even work there more because of ■■■■■■. Ppl qqq can’t raid it whit out god and catapult can wipe any base in 5m

Bubbel cost a lot too farm why it should be weak 500 zeal are not easy too get in new map. So it should rly defance u when u need it for 36 h full. And for 3 player can is rly hard farm 720 zeal too make bubbel first time and and farm for next bubbel 500

They need fix something. For defance. Pet thrall stay far away kill them with arrow they not even good for defance. And I have play hardcore. Pvp with 10 men clan. 90% off all raid ppl do is offline. Or under number of yours number. That way I ask for them make 1-2 server of 1000 they have too more chill pvp. Don’t tell me conflict u can’t even raid a fish house or loot so Borring. I ask change for all types of player they can make 1-2 server for ppl want 24-7 raid or every 2-4 month wipe like rust many ppl want server in different style they have just make 1 pvp server in all same setting. Look other Game they have 2-4 type of pvp server. And funcom can see later from server what ppl choose more. Many ppl I meet in all my year from Conan. All say raid time and offline raid is big problem and gods should be removed. Many have stop because of this thing. And many stop from crazy change from old role dodge system now they change heal system more will quit. They stil don’t look and lisen to there community. They losing more player because of this random change. I can’t see 10 server with 40/40 anymore. The game will die soon. Ppl who support offline raid it that ppl can’t go pvp or can’t face ppl it this type of ppl qqq all time. When ppl want remov offline raid. I want fight for item not getting it free from offline raid thx for me I ask 1 server for this type not asking for all server need change too this sorry for bad English.

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Please don’t spam 200 vaults.

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Hahahahahahaa it’s a way to deal with

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Yeah only too deal with this problem are body vault. Spam 200+ vault stack all map spam all map make server lag. No one have power raid you this should be in this way if stuff are more balance …

So you got raided while offline and now call for the nerfing of LITERALLY everything that is used to raid a base? Seriously?

Sorry but these sorts of threads are right up there with the anti-horse threads and the anti-castle threads.

I play more pvp then you I have play since EA from 2017 pvp. Now I want chill. Mix pvp if u read I don’t say nerf pvp normal server I say need more pvp server in different setting …

I have around 8k+ hours in pvp we have wipe many clans and get wipe a lot I’m not crying about. We got raid I just telling how things should be more balanced and need more pvp server setting then only that 1 we have. So ppl can choose, I’m tierd if hardcore pvp setting 6 hours everyday. I ask funcom make 1-2 server more for pvp chiller then all 1k server all same setting there is many server are emtey they can fix some of them.

Ok, but it is not possible to have differents pvp servers settings for officials.

The players base is low, the community is now split between the 2 maps, and we already have PVE PVEC PVP … most servers are empty.

And it is not possible to balance the game with already 3 types of servers and 1 to 10 players clan …

We now have the same rates for all servers (HA, XP …) it is the way. Next steps 1 type of server (PVP is 95% PVE …), the 2 maps linked (betwen 2 servers) and max 5 mans clan? Then things can be balanced.

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I was a PvP player for 15 years. WWII fighter sims, not hack & slash.
As of about 2010, they honor of being a pilot was gone, and the all mighty kill board is the new god.
Its that way in all PvP today.
No matter what it takes, being on top of the board is what the goal is, no matter how you get there.

Please stop asking to nerf anything PvPers, there are two halves of this game. Tho you only see one.

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