Yet Again...BOOM

Yes, again it happened. All my work over the last few months destroyed by an alpha clan and their 1000s of explosives. Serious Devs…can you make it so on official PvP servers that these griefing alpha clans can not easily destroy even the best defended bases with explosives??? Least reduce the explosive damage to way less than half it is now. PvP raids, mostly during off hours, by large clans with unlimited explosives is way too much! I am about to retire from this game like most my server!

Possible solutions to help on PvP servers against those nerd rage alpha clans, that just play to ruin others gaming experiance, with unlimited explosives:

-Reduce explosive damage… a lot
-Increase the structures strength by 3x and even more so during offline raid hours. Makes bases way more sturdy. This way they will survive more attacks and be way more costly for the raiders in time and materials.
-Explosives decay rate set for 1-2 days.

Make the PvP more casual player friendly…keep the player base from leaving


you want easyer? go to pve-c, pvp is pvp you cant change that. go to pve-c
if you dont want pve-c spend 120$ a year and get yourself a private pvp server you can fiddle the rules of your server via admin


Easier…not really. Just need these unlimited explosive’s damage reduced and a decay timer on them. Raids now are all about how many explosives you can haul to a base.

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Reducing damage is not the answer…the problem is two things, ease of offline raiding (hard to find a fix or good middle ground code wise for that) and infinite life on all mats. If everything had some sort of decay (not fast, but at least 1 day on non offensive items, and 1 hour on dragon powder, Steel fire, gaseous orbs, demon fire, explosive arrows, poison arrows) then large clans couldn’t stock pile during dead server days, and then just obliterate newer clans, or smaller clans as easy.

Basically off lining has no real cost for a clan of 5 or more, as they can easily farm 500 bombs a day, and if they do that for 2 weeks when server is “dead”, they already have 7000 bombs. Now add the day decay, and stacks of 100 down to 10 (Dragon powder has no need to be stock piled like it is in stacks of 100), then you would have 700 stacks that decay at 168 per day if not used. in 4 to 5 days the stash would be gone.

The game should be about 1 week cycles when raiding, pick a target, farm up mats to raid in 3 or 4 days, then execute. Right now, large clans on dead servers (non active wars) can farm freely and amass such a hoard and advantage in a week, that casual fans don’t bother playing Conan to complete. Then game is baron of fun game play, and only has toxic and personal wars on officials.


so to prevent pvp from being pvp you would kill pve and pve-c?
you do know that builders rely heavyly on steel fire for for t3 buildigs and on dragonpowder for explosive arrows to farm meteors


What we are all saying is that something needs to be done and fast. Official pvp servers are dieing! Casual and new players are leaving in droves. Bad business scene to let it continue.

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i don’t care about hacker land.
right now fc is overwhelmed by the amount of crap they have to fix from the past and the crap they have to fix now is even more overwhelming and they have to work on incomes and pampering private servers.
the fact that you hate to deal with cheats and hackers is your issue. don’t like it? start from the ground up in a new server

It sounds like you might want to seek a private server where this kind of activity can be moderated.

As a primarily solo player, I find that even as a team of one farming up 1000s of explosives is not a very difficult task.

Anyway, if you are interested in a private server, I have one that I could recommend to you.


On pve/PVE-C, there is no need to stock pile 25,000 of anything tbh…if you are crafting steel fire into steel within a few hours of starting the steel fire, then it should not be an issue, as it would be ready for building use. You only need 20 explosive arrows for each star metal run…so again stock piling is way to easy, and really breaks the economy and the overall mechanics of the survival part.

also, to build 1000 foundations, one only needs 3000 steel fire. that is 1 run pretty much on PVE (2400???).

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break the economy? wth kind of ressource do you use on your pve server?
and how freagging greedy are you?!

The question is how greedy are you that you need to have non decaying reserves, when on PVE you can literally farm then build with only a purge meter to worry about. The changes would only change how much one stashed in a vault, not stop them from farming it then flipping it to building pieces. Like i said if a clan cannot get by on PVE with building “only” 1000 foundations a day then , they are greedy. As for star metal, 100 steel fire makes 2 dragon powder, which makes 20 explosive arrows, more than enough to break star metal ores.

PvP in this type of game is CANCER. Don’t expect it to ever be good.

If you managed to get your base up to a point where it is one of “the best defended base” and it took them 1,000’s of explosives to take you out…

That’s exactly what you asked for playing on a PvP server.

You grew too big, became a target, they got hungry, and ate your base.

I know it sucks, I wouldn’t want it to happen to me either. That’s why I don’t play PvP.

I don’t enjoy destroying other peoples stuff, and stealing it from them.

But some people do, and those people are on PvP Officials.

Don’t go there, unless you want exactly that to happen to you.

And as was already mentioned, implementing a decay timer on farmed goods would destroy the sandbox side of CE. Even on PvP servers, you would hate base building with all your farmed resources rotting, as you tried to defend against attacks/ganks all while repairing/building your base.

Would literally just make things worse for you.


you still havent answered my question.

  • what type of ressource do you use as a currency?
  • how greedy are you? < insert how much you charge on your server for a zerker snowhunter or volcano t4>

once you have answered those i will answer yours

Right on. Let’s call it rot. Just as meat goes putrid, it would be nice if volatiles turned into basic materials after too long. Either that, or once you hit a threshold of say 100 dragonpowder, they have a random chance of going sweaty, which might ruin the entire stockpile.


Ruin? Yup, it would at that :slight_smile: Really good idea, would make stockpiling too much a positive hazard…,639347&hl=en


Not pvp is the problem, that are hackers, exploiters, meshers… we are actually dealing with a 10 man tribe of them on our server. They are not touchable in the blackkeep/mesh behind it and we can see what we can do… nothing. Just watching how all is going down.
These people need to be punished and not pvp changed. The game needs to be fixed. Dungeon building would need a hotfix now and not soon… I‘m in contact with the support tho, will see what they do - hopefully not too late.

Sweaty as in unstable dynamite. Kabooom



-Make explosives decay. No more freezing or stockpiling them.

-Make explosives weigh a lot more.

-Lessen explosive damage.

Raids are way TOO easy for these alpha clans that attack with 1000 explosives. These jerks spend all their gaming time in the hopes of ruining others gaming experience. Causes a loss of players and less revenue for the developers.


You are mistaken what economy means in a game. It is not monetary, but the “eco” system of materials.
Right now, nothing has any value outside of its use.
Once you have it on PVE, you have it. And then you have more of it. and then more. IF raw mats stacks were at least reduced when stored back to 100 stacks (i really didn’t like the fact they bumped them 1000 for most raw, made it far to easy to compactly store everything), then you would have bases that had vaults of raw loot, and targets other than wiping for wiping sakes. That is economy. That is how a true raid and warfare mechanic should play out. Not i have 2000 bombs, i am bored, let me wip the new clan while they are offline. It may take 1000 bombs, but i still have 10,000 left from farming when the server was dead.

That last part just gave me a great idea on harvest rates for officials.

The harvest rate should be effected by server player count.
IE, every 30 minutes it does a player count check, if it is 10 or less, then .5 harvest rate, if it is 11-20, then 1x harvest rate , if it is 21-30 then 1.5 harvest rate, and if it is 31-40 then 2x harvest rate. this way, if a server dies out, the advantage is mitigated some what. Sure, there are alt work around’s, but if yo are that desperate, you have other issues you may want looked into. Hell tie it to damage on buildings modifier, same rates based on player count, but in reverse, less players = more damage.