Do all beginners get attacked like this

unfortunately people do not understand that it is necessary to give the opportunity to grow new clans in the server instead of being the losers of the situation. that’s how pvp servers die


If you are persistant in playing official PVP here are some tips…

  1. Level ASAP. Many ways, but i prefer killing grey apes in jungle for the hide (tar), steaks, and pagoda (derketo religion teacher) area is ripe for a quick fllawless armor POI, iron drops, and any crafter thralls yo will need.
  2. speaking of crafter thralls, focus on getting these 4. 1st Armorer,2nd Alchemist,3rd Black Smith, 4th Carpenter. You will want to grab the very 1st taskmaster you see. Even a level 1. they break quickly, and reduce named to 18 hours instead of 26 hours. but capturing thralls is not of importance, as it will take a day or 2 to even break them on the wheel.
  3. Build small, and out of normal traffic areas. I can fit every thing i need in a 4x3x1 base. Stuff stacks. Don;t worry about looks in the beggining, you are here to fight (PVP) not build.
  4. Once you do get a foot hold, and are able to mass produce, focus on legendary weapons and alchemist base. Black ice should be all your building in. Bombs should be after you have weapons and armor to fight with.
  5. Note who the alpha is, and see if any other clans are fighting them. Pick a side. Doesn’t matter which one, but pick one and be loyal, unitl you aren’t :smiling_imp:

If all this allows you to make it to 2 weeks, you will then start to find time to have “Fun” creating big bases that are solely distractions. Never think bigger is better. But giving a false target is a way to survive longer.


I’d recommend hiding and living out of a chest while online then put keep what you can on your person while offline and find a little crevice way out of sight and out of a highly trafficked area and hope no one finds you. Then when you have the materials to throw down a good T3 base you can let your presence be known. don’t get me wrong you’ll have to set out a wheel and stuff but keep it out of sight if possible and enclosed, you will have some stuff taken but your main materials should be with you in a hiding spot away from everything (climb a cliff that wouldn’t make sense to climb when someone is running the map). Also I recommend getting a taskmaster 2 or 3 first so you break thralls faster, use blunted javelins which are super easy to make and get up on a ledge and just keep pegging the thrall with it at a low level. Remember life is hard in the exile lands, it’s a land full of thugs and thieves. Yog bless you on your journey exile


PvP is trash with most every game out there. Why? Because there are too many trash human beings. In survival games, I stick with PvE and that is entertaining enough.

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I think its more common low level players/new players getting raided now since the stupid hidden playerlist thing. Soon PVP in conan just gonna be a memory.

if you want a private server without pvp then i can reccomend this one :wink:

here’s the discord link

lots of friendly players but also some mods Age of Calamitous among some, changes some stuff.

Don’t waste your time on official servers where there are a lot of cheaters and nolifers

Rather try private servers with admins or personal server at you can play at your own pace

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Check messages @Mark2197

This isn’t going to be the response you’re going to like, but its going to be a statement of fact.

The idea of chasing you off the server is the intent. Clans that do this are trying to dominate a server. They’ve done the fair fights, they’ve done the scripted and scheduled sieges. The new goal and the hardest goal is to literally kill the server.

Once they do this, they move on to kill the next. There’s nothing wrong with this. That is the ruleset that has been set up on official PVP. They are running for as long as people play on them.

You’re probably going to the response of ‘why drive out players if it will kill the server or the game?’ Its easy. They want to win the game. What says victory for these players more than being able to say they were the last clan to exist on Conan Exiles official servers?

When you play Football, or Soccer, or some other competitive sport. You do have a win condition right? You don’t just play for a bit, and pick up where it left off the next day… and the next day… and the next day for years do you? No no one does that. But why would we expect a PVP clan to do that here?

If they can force a win condition, why shouldn’t they? They can claim victory when the officials shut down and then move on to the next game. That’s the intent. That’s the purpose.

Funcom will not intervene on that. They have no reason to. These players are playing by the rules that are set.

Couple this with the fact that I heavily doubt you even understand or comprehend what PVP is. If you’ve played MMORPGs in the last 15 years, or any of these arena shooters, you’ve not seen PVP. When you play your World of Warcraft in its Battlegrouns, or your Call of Duty, or some other game that pits you against an even sized balanced force. That is not PVP.

Surely its Players Versus Players. And while yes that could be made into the acronym of PVP, that isn’t what PVP originally was or still is. It was Player Versus Player (singular), opposed to Player Versus Environment. What’s the difference? It means when you login to the server, you are potentially in danger from every player you meet, including your friends. You are also potentially a danger to every player that meets you.

What entails is that fights may be brutal. Fights may be unfair. Fights may be impossible. And you will have to use every bit of experience you have, every skill you have, and every connection you have made in order to be successful.

You see you have not indicated what you have tried to do other than simply run away. Hiding in another spot. These Iron Crowns probably don’t even know your intent. They just raided you. You’re rebuilding. Possible to retaliate. Have you talked with them to indicate that you will not? Have you asked what their demands of tribute might be? No, no you didn’t.

Instead you threw a tantrum over pixels and numbers. And that is why you should probably do as you said, and quit. This game isn’t for you. I’m not going to be a total bastard and say its because you’re not good at it. This game isn’t hard for anyone to get good at. Ask anyone who’s got 2500+ hours in, its easy, too easy. And I don’t believe its too hard for you.

But I do believe, by your own admission and your own words that you don’t have the discipline, the grit, the gall, the will and the drive for this game. Its takes a special sort of player to face these sorts of issues and pull themselves back up and succeed.

However, there is an alternative. You can try a private server. You can find a ruleset that you feel comfortable with. There are many servers that have restrictions on offline raiding, hitting people before their ready or whatever ruleset you seek.

But personally, you’re not the kind of player I expect to do well on one of these servers. You’ll find one who’s rules look decent. But when they are applied, you’re quickly going to find fault with how they administer those rules the moment things turn against you. You’re going to want to assign blame on everyone but yourself in the case that you find yourself losing.

Because lets face it. Players in your situation that thrive even on private servers don’t blame their opponents or the game for losing. They only look to themselves and how to improve. You haven’t done that.


harsh but often true.

I kinda feel like this game should have a tip that says new players should start out in single player/coop/pve©, because if you’re learning the game it seems like a lot of hard work you’re losing when you’re raided at 24, but if you know the game, you’d know it’s literally nothing and you can rebuild in a couple of hours.

Games like this have 2 types of players - the ones that quit when raided and the ones that want to get even. And if people wanna quit, nothing wrong with that. The game just wasn’t their thing. It’s not the games fault. Full loot, building destruction pvp is a niche thing and there’s plenty of other games for people who don’t like it.

But yeah… don’t come and complain that people play it as intended… Get even or get out.

I believe that what you wrote is only your opinion, not a fact. I have a different opinion:

In a lot of cases, people don´t really aim at that. they´re just there for pvp and go on with it, they don´t differenciate between noobs and veterans, they find a weak base and attack it. It doesn´t mean that sometimes people do have the intent to “literally kill the server”, but I think in most of the cases the attackers just don´t think about the consequences in the long run. It is human nature, sadly enough …


What´s the purpose of a forum called “GENERAL DISCUSSION”?
I think that everybody should be able to express her/his own opinion (if done respectfully), and that is including complaints.

This game is a sandbox game, meaning that a lot of different playstyles are possible, so there is no “single way that is intended”, even in pvp.
I agree that raiding is part of the game, but IMO it is still kind of dishonorable to raid people who have just started. That said it is often not clear for the attackers that a clan might be beginners (also players might camouflage their base as a noob´s), so it is also not appropriate to blame them.
Better we don´t judge people.

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I didn’t specify that only one way is the right way. raiding low levels is wack, but it is within the boundaries of what is possible and allowed in the game and thus an intended playstyle.

Asking stuff like “hey, is there pvp servers where I can get a chance to learn and build before people come and wipe me” is one thing, but complaining that people do what they are allowed to do is like complaining about people kicking the ball in soccer… Just watch another sport if you don’t like it.

Thanks for the clarification. If you put it this way, I (“and my friend”) can better understand your point :smiley:

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To be honest. Just join PVE-C. Its not the hardcore PVP experience but generally you get your cake and eat it too. People are generally friendlier with a few trolls lurking.

I left PVP. Even though I was quite good at it. But I lived a nomadic life. Hiding chests places and carrying tents for shelter. Eventually I found a super secret place and build some furnaces. Since you can pick them up again I would just store them until I needed them. Placing them in chests that I put on high cliffs.

I had no base to destroy and therefore no need to raid me. I was level 46 before my first base. So it was just me, a thrall and that was it.

However on PVE-c I can build and have fun and still do PVP. However. I hardly do unless I am attacked by someone else.

This is why i don’t play on official PVP Servers. And instead have hosted my own PVE-C server for about four months. If you’re finding PvP too hard play PVE-C instead, you can’t touch bases but player combat is enabled.

You would have saved yourself a lot of trouble if you had researched the different server types before joining 5 different pvp servers one after another and still ended with the same result of being wiped off the servers. All of my playtime in Conan Exiles has been on PVE-C servers, since i don’t like the Base raiding that comes with these games but i like the player interactions and the General PvP stuff.

I was just asking a simple question As a new person to the game!

It’s not about the challenge. People will be aggressive and take what they want when they can. Human history is littered with this story. Predators in the wild will attack the young or the lame - not the most healthy member of the herd. It’s just how these things are.

In a game like this, it’s either stand around and wait for something to happen or take the content when it shows up. Unfortuantely, you are content for a group of people looking to pvp.

Personally, I chose a PVE server because I’d rather be helpful and build and hunt thralls in a stress free environment.


Its a survival game about being the strongest and killing the weakest. Thats the whole point of the game. If you don’t like that aspect, survival games in pvp mode will not be for you. Try playing on a PvE server instead, or get your own server and make your own rules. Both are viable alternate paths.

I agree with the brutality of PvP and a lot of your other points, the one thing I think that strays a bit off the path is about the act of killing servers. Not to say this doesnt happen but people with that mentality are a minority, they are kind of the pariahs of PvP, the ones that lurk in dark corners because those corners are the only thing they have left. Wehter out of sheer boredom or complete desensitivity from over stimulation of the PvP experience.

Most players do what they do because they can, there is no long term goal of killing a server or making people leave, most players play because they enjoy PvP, it’s fun for those who have the right mindset and who understand what PvP means, If anything players that seek to destroy a server are the weakest ones of all, The idea of having the last word or last laugh is what comes to mind, the kind of person that will say “no you” unironically as a go to response for anything they can’t refute or beat.

In a way anyone with this intent is easier to beat than other PvP player types because you win for as long as you persist, you don’t even have to win a fight or beat them in any in game way, they are losing for as long as you just stay there. The need for self validation and a sense of victory that can only come from destroying the game in which you are competing is a sign of a weak character, it has parallels to table flipping in an attempt to have victory simply because no one else can play now. It’s kind of a hollow win I would say.

Not to mention that by killing the server it begs the question of do they actually enjoy the game? or is it really a psychological short falling that begs them on to continue to “dominate” almost like slaves to their own unquenchable thirst for an empty world. If you really enjoy PvP and enjoy the competition it makes sense that you want continuity of that experience, if your joy however is only coming from the destruction of said game because that makes them feel like they were “the last ones”, then they are not enjoying the experience of PvP otherwise they would not seek so hard to destroy it. I would say it makes more sense that they have grown to hate it, but at the same time are unable to swallow defeat and so are trapped in something they are bored of simply because they cannot accept that there are still competitors left with which to compete.

It takes a special kind of degeneracy to seek to ruin what others are enjoying simply because you are so bored with it that you can find no more enjoyment from the normal interactions of the game, rather than moving onto another game in order to cure that level of boredom they choose to endure it simply to destroy it for others, This is not a strong type of person when you think about it, this is a weak person. Also it is something that I think most sound minded individuals are able to understand and not fall into this death spiral of boredom and destruction.

It’s like equating this player type to a virus, formidable yes, persistent definitely, dangerous at times yes, but smart or logical definitely not. A virus doesnt know any better that killing it’s host kills itself, it doesnt posses the mental capacity for such reasoning and understanding of balance and continuity and self preservation. In a way it is an even dumber mentality to hold than that of a virus, atleast a virus doesnt know any better, where as what you are describing is an active decision with the consequences of said action in mind.

I dont dispute that such people exist, they definitely do, but they are few and they are not a good example for others to follow as it is a path that leads to empty hollow feelings of self worth and an endless cycle of destruction that leads to the need for more and more in order to continue this self destructive fetish.

I would argue that most players do what they do because that is human nature, there is no estranged and depraved long term goal of server death and making others leave, most big clans simply are out for the PvP, they enjoy it and PvP is brutal and harsh, most clans enjoy the back and forth with others and welcome the challenge to their power as it introduces the potential for actual self worth and opportunity for more brutal PvP, the fact that their efforts end up making players leave is not the reason but rather the consequence. In way it is an act of unconsciously weeding out those not cut out for PvP so that only those that present the best challenge remain.

I have been in many big clans across similar titles, from Rust, to ARK, and from experience I can tell you it is that thrill of PvP that drives them in what they do and not the desire to kill that PvP experience. only the lost ones seek to destroy the very thing they are constantly searching for.