Why PvP if you aren't going to fight

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OK I was about to D-rail another topic over this but one of the vets on here put out a recognition to my specific playing style (playing in PVP but just don’t immediately attack everything and everyone) and HST (short hand for He/she/they and better than she/he/they) didn’t quite understand it. I know I’m not alone so I created this thread for those that play as I do (PVP but not to be king of hte hill or instant competitive) why we do it.

So I play in PVP because, at heart, I am a builder and love to create. However creating castles, hidey holes, treehouses, etc in a game without the ability to vet functionality of defenses is just plan old boring. Plus the game outside of the players doesn’t provide the adrenaline that it did when I first started. I don’t play PVP to fight but to build and compete in a strategic way. It’s not about fighting and defending a base that you continue to stay int but can you outsmart me and take out my means of production in the time allotted? Can I successfully build an empire on the map in the middle of constant warfare of diva personalities without them even knowing I exist? And now can I do all of this and still remain in the ToS? This is the game I play. Those that fight are entertaining but I get more enjoyment watching the sun come up in game; another day tto enjoy.

So what about others that do the same thing?


That’s how I play PVP too. I could, in theory, build castles and stuff on a PVE server, but just knowing that it can be made of Paper Mache and withstand a God takes the fun out of it. Half the fun of building a castle is defending it from a siege.

I play PVP because that small adrenaline rush when I meet someone else while out farming is great. Knowing that my castle could fall at any moment to a well planned raid. Knowing that peace is a limited resource and farming up as much as I can while the peace lasts. These are the reasons that I play PVP.

I will also stress that I’m an unusual PVPer too. I don’t like building in meta locations like the keyhole or the crevice, and I like building pretty structures that just look impressive and nice. I still adhere to PVP building principles when needed though. As an example, I built an Anti-climbed apex fortress on top of a peak with a god bubble and shrouded in drawbridges for added defense. I then added a lot of cool walls, towers, some wells, map room, extra vaults, etc to the surrounding plateau. When I got raided, the guys messaged me and said that they didn’t want to break the walls or anything because it was so pretty. They then said that their attitude changed once they started attacking the hardened core of my base lol


You take the server. You run the server. You restore order, open your heart and allow new players to flourish. You enjoy the peace while a small cadre of vicious pals helps you ruthlessly destroy invaders.

The story is ours to be written. Salute, Exile!


Since all the “BAD” pvp players are here how could I be out of this :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Let me tell you (once again sorry) my pvp story.
Pvp in this game can become really cruel.
Pvp in this game is extremely demanding.
Pvp in this game sometimes looks almost like job.
My best pve days came from pvp servers.
I made REAL FRIENDS , people we speak every day and play together other games too. They know my family and I know theirs.
I had the luck to have purge in every single spot in the map.
I played in decades of servers and met hundreds of wonderful people. Most of them still after all this time sending me greetings on psn, or wonderful builds they fixed, because they know that I really enjoy it and they appreciate it.
I lost my sleep, I became 20 years younger playing pvp in this game.
What a bad experience playing pvp and being an original pve player, pfff…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

So, yes pvp was worth it totally…
But, we were bad players, we were destroying the pvp experience, because we didn’t want to fight, so we cannot avoid fights anymore and I stopped.
My best in this aspect of the game was my choice to fight or not, since I lost this option, I don’t want to play anymore pvp.
But if my old clan mates, my best gaming friends, want to come back and play, for them I will surely return, no matter the problems, no matter if I don’t like it anymore, playing Conan exiles with them pvp was my best gaming days ever, so I would totally return to this aspect of the game, because it is damn worth it, totally


In short: I tried PvE and PvEc early on. I found them too cheesy for boss fights. PvP removes the cheesy ability.

It’s not really “you aren’t going to fight”. I run often because I play solo. I’m usually very busy or asleep during prime time.

I really like Conan style of PvP after I played other survival games (for comparison).


I hated being the cops as people would complain about ‘they attacked me’ or ‘my fish got stolen’…and i’m just like…’ What? Do you want me to remove the maproom? What do you want me to do about it?’

Half the time I was just wanting someone else to claim alpha status so I could just go on with what I was doing. It was funny when we did finally come to an end. The newlly crowned alphas didn’t like my consession speech
“That was perefectly played. Congrats on winning it out. It’s your server now. All of the complaints, all of the dealings and the upkeep of all of the public works are now your problem. Kudos to you and I’m sure you’ll have fun with it”…laughing the entire time.


My crew left me. Before they did, we invited an absolute hulk to join. He wanted to depants the bad guy, but alas the honor went to me and my gas bombs.

So I turned from a clan of 3 to a solo, with a shadow demon of a pal. We can read each other, as if we were on the same fireteam, he’s always a step ahead and he’s an absolute beast.

This allows me to be more supple, somewhat unctuous. The guy with the two sky beams on the map. We did the bum rush like this for nine months. Now we must adapt. Last night was an absolute blast.

It’s times like this when players bloom. I love what it’s doing for the server, for me, and my dear friend and sniper @droch-aon.


I started on PvP. Went straight into it fresh from offline SP. I still look back on my PvP time as my favorite and most memorable time playing Conan. I met some fantastic players, and have some really wonderful memories. Conan has been a staple in my life for so long now, that I tasted the victories on my lips like the sweet kiss of honey.


I felt the agony of letting down my team when that victory slipped ever so gracefully through outstretched fingertips. I played PvP for the people. Because I’m a winner and, I like to win. Because I have an addictive personality. & mostly because I’m just a greedy treasure goblin.



I am the same way but no point since eveeything can be reported now. Defenses became obselete when you are not allow to prevent certain wipes.

True, very true, in pvp servers you hurt your own thrall, especially when you use weapons like the festering one or feroxic axe. So this makes the boss fights a lot more difficult than pve.
I remember once killing both arena champion and my thrall in my final swing, but I had no choice, I was 5 hp all the screen was red and it was literally me or them.
Pvp gave me the habit to order my thrall to attack on different enemies than mine and finish easily and go for help.
I am sick and tired to read here that my thralls hit harder than me, I kill 3 opponents and I go help him to finish his 2 opponents :man_shrugging:.
People must understand that we are faster, we dodge, we have shields, we change weapons, we choose our moves and how to attack, our thrall is just a bot doing random moves and if by accident 4 skeletons wiil attack, sometimes, he is not able to do a single swing either escape.
We make the fights, finally and it’s awesome.
Pvp servers are the best pve schools, period.


This right here ^^^^^^

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Why PvP if you aren’t going to fight

  1. Because it’s fun to watch? And knowing you might get caught up in the battle as you’re sneaking around watching the action, can be a thrill all by itself.

  2. Because you think PVP is or ought to be, just so you can defend yourself from griefers and thieves? No need to fight if no one is griefing you.

  3. Because you like the idea of playing on the edge of precariousness? I’ll build my base and see what happens! Will they raid me? Can I hide stuff from them so I feel I’ve won when they get nothing?

  4. etc.

I dunno… I’m sure someone plays in those ways. It’s not illegal. :wink:

PS: not sure why this post is showing as a reply to @stelagel - that’s weird… Oh well.


I study the logs whenever I get raided. Some of my base designs took them 2-3 hours to get through. It was interesting when the alpha clan attacked.

One of them put built a skyscraper of foundations as close as he could to my base. There is a video I just watched that shows someone pulling the bracelet at the right time after jumping. And, there was the exploding arrow versus anti-climb. Ack, I digress…

Base versus base is more fun than most pvp games that don’t let you build.


Depends what you mean by fight, too. I just read in another thread someone implying that “hiding in a hole” and only coming out when it’s safe, and not raiding people often, is not real PVP (I believe they even used the words “not fighting”).

I hide in a hole. I hardly ever raid people. But I make it a point to get out and about in raid time at least a couple of nights a week. Show off my threads and ride past noobs in a cloud of dust and a clatter of hooves. And when I do this I don’t run when I meet another level 60.

If they don’t attack me, I wave at them and go on my way. If they do, I fight them till one of us is dead (usually me, but not always). If there’s a bunch of them I still fight them. It’s a video game, who gives a f*^# if I lose my stuff. I’ll get more tomorrow.

I guess I’m just not interested in the standard way the big fellas have come to play this game: sitting in big bases and sieging one another, mostly offline. In fact I’m not really into raiding at all. I’ll only do it as an anoyance if I’m in a war with someone, or if the server is getting really boring and they seem big and ugly enough to handle it. And if I raid someone I online them, which means usually I die coz I’m a solo. The last people I online raided, I did it because they had a racist clan name. They killed me, but I got one of them :man_shrugging:

Anyway that’s my story. If “fighting” means doing the whole standard-way-to-play base versus base raiding game, then I guess I don’t fight. If it means duelling with optimized gear, then yeah… I don’t do that much either. But I certainly don’t shy away from my-toon-versus-yours combat, no matter what I’m doing or how I’m equipped. I play PVP not to win against other players as the aim, but because I see the other players as content mostly. Like roaming super-intelligent foes that can jump you at any time, or not. It’s exciting.

Also not gonna lie, I like the idea of the other players on the server thinking “who is that mysterious wierdo I keep bumping into with no apparent base and random weapons?” :grin:


Totally agree. I play both ways on different servers. Both are fun. And I’m personally all about the attitude of who cares about loss in any context - although a few people here passionately hate that attitude and let me have it from time to time.

Even my entire base got bug-wiped or hacker-wiped (with like, 100 stuffed chests, etc. etc. etc.) I’m all laughs! New base is up in just a tad over 4 hours - from scratch.

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There are 100 ways to be a solo but few are the path of a champion. You’re humble and you share your experiences, and I love ya!

What I mean about hiding in a hole is like this: we had a new player who bragged and made a goober out of himself. Now I’m neutral like Switzerland usually, but something got me interested in this guy. I’d zap to the ob, check his hut, yep the horse is on top. Clearly he’s inside. I run around and around and around his hut, but he will not emerge. I make a huff in Global and “run off.” Up on the rocks above Sepermeru I perched like a nude Batman in a handlebar mustache. Two minutes later he’s back out la la la gathering his whatnots.

Lately as I’ve said we’ve had sweepers on the server looking to acquire loot as they climb through the numbers. One of them targeted a new guy who summarily popped out and showed him the door. After a certain amount of time the transfer decreed “Good job, you came out. Most people don’t, they simply negotiate with loot.” Trying to minimize it, even when you showed your butt → the whole server thought.

You’re not hiding in a hole. You have enabled your cache.


Some people have a tendency to think their way of doing things is the only right way - especially if it’s the way that is advantageous to them. People who are asking for fair fights feel they have an advantage in an open fight (or more likely, they lack the tools to cope with ambushers or hit-and-run tactics). People who ask for unlimited raiding times are probably people with unlimited time, rather than those who can be online only for a couple of hours a day at most.

And because they don’t want to admit that they’re seeking an in-game advantage on a metagame level, they seek to define the “proper” way to play the game in a manner that gives them that advantage.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone making these requests is seeking to benefit, but it’s definitely one likely motive behind these attempts to enforce their definition of “real PVP” to the larger community.


Hey I promote the idea of unlimited raid time but that is because of my limited amount of play time and a Darwinian concept of base design. If bases were vulnerable all the time, then base design would have more emphasis because you can’t defend your base 24-7. If you only need to defend 5-11, then you can simply build a cube thick enough to allow you to get back to your base to button mash it out


I can say I both approve your post and reject your hypothesis!

When we were young, and there was no Frozen North, clans ruled the servers. Every server. They fought, held, then ruled. Each member would build his own holding and there was a central fortress.

You could not so much as get within 500 meters of their claims’ outer walls without being murdered by arrow fire. You could not scout. You could not snoop. You couldn’t get all sticky fingers with stuffs. And you couldn’t recon.

Without recon, 9/10 of these offline “raids” would not be possible. :slight_smile: