Do all beginners get attacked like this

So true. I was told i was voted off a particular server when most of my Alpha clan quit, and got zerged by 2 clans of half day players. I then proceeded to log in, build friendly messages (Beta, Hello, you miss me, come find me, etc…) in sandstone around their base and farm routes. Did this constantly for 2 weeks. Got word they had players guard around their base when i was logged in. So i would just sneak around, with stone daggers and engage, getting a few kills and then just de-spawning their kits. All the while never replying to any messages or chat requests. After a while they got tired of it, then put up a wall at the beginners spawn area (which still couldn’t keep me out, as i found a whole in the top of it and climbed in. They got banned (ironically they reported by someone else, not me, i was having too much fun trolling them), and i still revisit that server when i feel like it…point being that killing the server was so important to them, that they finally made the the mistake i was hoping, doing something ban-able. So i guess they didn’t win.


You could also try a different server. We’re on 1875 and no one is hostile towards new players. Leveling to 60 can be done in a few hours with the help of a good thrall so server hopping until you find a good one isn’t so bad.

The art of PVP in this game, when faced with overwhelming forces (or being a noob), is not to win but to survive.

You don’t need to beat the enemy, you just need to outlast them. You do this by spreading your assets, hiding your bases and hitting them in unprotected places. If they have more than you they have more juicy targets. Make them have to scour the entire map to find your well hidden base and then, when they blow it and find not much, let them wonder how many more you have (have more). It’s such a time consuming task, searching the whole map over and over looking for that tucked away hut which may or may not be the enemies last one.

If things get really bad, and you face a 10 man, server migrating zerg clan (the type who go server to server wiping them), the best tactic is to simply not fight. They want war, they want a challenge, they don’t want Guerrilla Ghandi with nothing to lose playing hide and seek. They will get bored and leave.

When you first start in a new server you should level as you move until you get to a spot where you can hide a small base (past the noob river). Literally just have a base of operations, small and well hidden; not a palace, not a castle, just somewhere to operate out of with low footfall so you can grind to 60. Once level 60, if you are sensible, you will continue this guerrilla mindset and build more bases of operations which are hidden. When you build big you lose big. When you build small, hidden and spread out its really hard for someone to know what your assets are. Make sure to cover your tracks, map rooms and fishtraps can be beacons to your hidden base.

The exception to this small hidden base rule is the decoy base. You set up this base when your level 60 and you are starting to have a decent amount of stuff (spread evenly around). Seemingly your grand design; it’s big, its brash, its obvious and it’s easy to find and it’ll definitely get raided.

Lazy raiders will hit you without them even thinking to look for your real hidden spots if you build it big and make in convincing. Make it costly in bombs to raid and keep just enough stuff in it for it to be convincing while also making any raid a net loss for the raiders. When you get raided there, have a mini moan in global about it. Get some comments thrown at you about being salty. Laugh to yourself as you win the psychological war.

Rebuild your decoy base, maybe build a second decoy base if mats allow. Keep replacing and moving hidden stashes if they get hit.

You’re now really difficult, costly and time consuming to wipe. Plan your own surgical strike.

Realise the only way you’re likely to be wiped is by dupers, cheaters or undermeshers. Realise there are many of those. Quit cos whats the point in all the above if cheaters rule officials. :slight_smile:


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