Why I'm done with Conan

This is an amazing game with so much potential. But playing Conan is also so frustrating. I restart many times, rebuilding different ways but always end up with bases too easily destroyed. What’s the point of having PNJ ? Once I build in the jawbone and had at least 40 PNJ level 3 and higher on a tiny area and somebody whipped them off and destroyed T3 base in 25 minutes.

Or that time I build in one of the gateways north of the desert, just had to put walls north and south so I put 3 layers of T3 foundations and had my foundations destroyed by a catapult in 5 minutes.

Last one I build under the bridge at the Dagon’s embrace, thought it was completly unaccessible but was still destroyed by a single player. Pretty quick.

I would say for a solo player upgrading to a T3 base is about 40 hours, the craft, get the PNJ, what’s the point of spending so much time building if it’s so easily destroyed ? So I’m done with Conan which I thought was the best game I played in the last years. Fix that and servers will be full. I wouldn’t play the no fight mode, I don’t mind having a fight or defend my base but it needs to be balanced.

Otherwise the map should be 10 times bigger with balanced ressources. South of the map is not worth loosing time for building anything. Lack of critical ressources in the east part. Jungle is a mess for building anything.


What do you mean by PNJ?

NPC, sorry, it’s PNJ in french.

Having thralls does have a reason -working for you, defending your base- and I don’t think they were killed, unless you have experienced the bug where they stand still and do nothing (AI is prioritized1). I think they dissapeared somehow, which you should try to report in the bug subforums.

I’m not sure whether your wall should have been destroyed that quickly by a single catapult, I don’t think so, but I haven’t checked on their damage (I know Siege is being improved2, but I forgot if this also goes for Siege defense or only for the offensive side.).

Would you know how they destroyed it? You should be sure of it not being someone using an exploit - no worries there, that probbably did get destroyed quick and I wouldn’t know how.

Yes, building all of this up is a lot of work, I would agree. However…
no, buildings aren’t supposed to be destroyed super quickly, at least not when they’re T3 and the person isn’t using an Avatar (or luring an entire Purge to it…). Though, it does matter which material you used, how you layed out your base, whether you used any ‘defensive building blocks’ other than foundations and regular walls.

What would you (like to suggest to) do about the balance? You might have to think about questions such as eg. how long it takes before the ‘stretch’ is/would be out of increasing resistance or lowering damage of things (don’t bother too much with it, that’s a thing the developers would have to figure out if you were to suggest something for it)

Not important: Nothing should be completely unaccesible btw (some do manage to make it so), but in some cases it isn’t all to difficult to get something near-impossible done when you meet some of the above requirements.

2,3: AI and Siege improvements are upcoming features.

Nicko, I think you building wrong, specially for the tunnels. You should log into my official pvp server and I’ll show you how i’ve built my tunnel base. You will learn something, im sure.

Message me if you interested, Ill come down to noob area to get you.

Well his event log will say if the thralls were killed by enemy.

Frankly even the high tier thralls are easy to kill with poison gas arrows. You need to put Sandstorm mask on your thralls if you want them to be really effective. Feed them the stuff they like and give them the best gear you can, we talking the purple weapons and armor.

Also make sure the thrall likes the weapon you gave them, take it out for a fight and see how it performs. If the thrall has good food, good armor and good weapon but just kinda stands there or drags their ■■■ in combat then they just may not like the weapon you gave them. Don’t forget all thralls have attribute points that give them better performance with certain weapons.

There’s zero chance a catapult destroyed 3 proper layers of T3 foundations in the space of a couple minutes.

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Interesting one about it liking the weapon. It standing there should be an AI bug iirc though? Could you ref me anywhere where you got your info?

Good point about the event log, they should see what’s up and/or say if this info wasnt already from the event log. If they want to know what an item ID is they are able to look it up on the wiki.

trebuchet with demon fire is 13500 damage points. Takes only a few for going through a T3 foundation, reinforce stone foundation is 100000. Was when I set my base in the tunnel north of the desert.

In my last game my reinforce stone walls (70000) were destroyed by explosive jar (9500). It happened when I was offline so I sure could had defend my base if I was there but do they expect us to be online every evening ? My point is: it should be harder to get into a T3 base otherwise there is no point in upgrading. I would say it should not be possible for a single player to get into a heavily guarded T3 base, or at least take him a while. Success of this game depends of how many players are in, and most of the servers are empty, I guess lot of players got sick of rebuilding and they just quit which is sad because that game has so much potential. So for me the point of writing this is just to let them know. This text will be hidden

In fact it was 2 rows of foundation but with 3 T3 doors, but foundations nearby were gone after.

I never thought about the sandstorm mask and I didn’t know they are more effective with specifics armors and weapons. I usually equiped them with heavy stygian armors, which are pretty good. And use over 40 hit points weapons like trident or cimmerian war axe.

Thanks for the offer but I don’t have a mic: I’m on a satellite internet connexion and the mic would decrease my ping. I’m kind of living in real life like the north of the map. It’s also why I never joined any clans. I think they should give a defensive bonus to players whitout clans.

Well I would love keep playing Conan if I didn’t have to rebuild all the time. Did maybe 60 hours in my last game and there’s nothing left except walls and foundations so I would have to do maybe 25 hours just to get my stuff back for the same results next week or the other.

I get to know my thralls, I can tell which weapons they like from the way they act. Experiment some and I am sure you will see what I mean.

Have you looked into private servers as an option? Many advertised on this forum say they enforce a rule-set of no base wiping raiding, or raid protection for recently raided bases, no offline raiding, raid/war declarations etc.

If you want to, we really need such information on the wiki. Anyone’s able to contribute to it if they would like to do so:

For what it’s worth a roleplay server may always be an idea as well if they enjoy it.

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I like the idea of no offline raiding, but they’re all empty. I like the thrill of competition for the best location, the best thralls, so I like when there’s a lot of people. Some friendly some not. I’m saying they have a great game, open world, mix between building and fighting, some quest. But there is a reason why servers are empty.

Go in pve servers! Stop playing in pvp server! It’s RAID!! It’s survival game! Not simuliator building! U easy loot in pvp server for other guys!


Hi Nico. I feel your pain but it also feels to me that you are missing some important points. Perhaps these ideas will allow you to continue enjoying Conan Exiles.

  1. PvE servers - I know that half the fun is designing for the fact that the enemy will attack you but if you want to just see what you can build and experience the lore then a PvE server is your friend.
  2. Join up with a group. This will teach you what they know about PvP design. Also solos are just targets in PvP servers. They have no power and so are just raided into the ground. You can do this without a mic but you will find a new dimension to your gaming when you start talking to others.
  3. Politics! - If you are solo on a PvP server then your base design alone is never going to be enough. You need allies. Powerful allies that can threaten anyone who threatens you. When you start on a server find out who the big guys are and talk to them. See if you can do some kind of mutual support deal. Many times just being an informant for the Alpha tribe will get you their protection. Feed them useful info and they will see a value in keeping you in one around. At the very least you eliminate them as a threat. This ancient art form still has a place in these games but you need to learn the tricks quickly. Sometimes the strength of a Clan is based on who they know and which of them will fight beside you. Get your friends to put up a banner or sign outside your base to show you are protected.

Exactly! Allies are important no matter the game and nieghbors are good starting point with having to worry about others if you and your neighbors don’t have to about each other the game gets easier.

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The game is heading where developpers are heading.For some players like you maybe the settings are just fine. But on any evening there are more servers than players online and all I’m saying is there could be a lot more people online if settings between defense/offense were differents. I ear you guys…, but what you don’t ear is all the people who quit the game, they’re not here to make comments, they quit. There is only 3 servers with a reasonnable amount of players. So even if they add a map or a new pack I don’t think that will solve that problem. I’m playing solo without mic, I know the game is different for me, but no matter of that or how big is your base, a single player shouldn’t be able to kill dozens of archers, fighters, and go through a T3 base… It’s not realistic. And I watched a lot of videos about setting a good defense.

If developpers were just allowing a maximum of 3-4 explosive jar to carry that would change considerably the game .Enough to go through any T1 but he’ll have to put more work for a T2 and a lot more for T3, or come with fellows. He may also think it’s not worth. Or they could disable the unlimited carry weight.

Anyway I know I said I’m done with Conan but I already paid til the 21st, so I may start a new game setting my base right in the sea east of the buccaneers, or keep my last one but set my base in the frozen lands north est.

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