Why I'm done with Conan

My clan originally had 23 people we are down to 7 because the others quit because of the changes players have suggested. Nerfed vaults, resource changes, and so on for various reasons they quit, some said they would be back when the game gets to a “full release” state. Others won’t at all.

Yeah, the game favors raiders. Unlimited encumbrance is unrealistic! Also, there needs to be a construction time allotment so raiders can’t build siege tower fob’s within minutes. Construction scaffolding and builder thralls should be required. If killed and scaffolding destroyed, the objects don’t get constructed.

I beg to differ, since this is base on “Conan” , one skilled man(player) should be able to do this with a great “effort”. But the poor A.I doesnt make this a challenge.

I agree that raiding is way easier comparing to building, and to balance that I think Vaults should be limited to 1 for each Player, explosive jars should indeed be way heavier and crafted on Artisan Table.

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It’s real easy to get to level 60, so I would say there should be a level 80 that only a very few talented players could reach, and those one could have the ability of going through a heavily guarded T3 base, but with great challenge, understand they have to believe the fight is worth and they could die.

Im sorry man, but thats absurd, what would be the parameters for that? Every player can do everything given time and effort.

If only the thralls could match a player 3 to 1(example) in a fight the bases would last longer. The sieging would feel more necessary than a few explosives and a guy or two raiding you.

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Getting 60 is way too easy. In my last game I didn’t do a single quest and I was already at 50 after 8-10 days…So yeah time and effort to get the little extra that makes you special, but a huge amount.

LOL, ‘talented’. What are the rest of Conan Exiles players? It’s pointing and clicking buttons…LOL!

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This is a single player/coop game. The “PvP” is an absolutely abomination. The sooner the devs realize this and focus their efforts on improving the PvE experience, the better it will be for everyone.


The reason all the modes are getting messed up is because of selfish players making demands that aren’t taking into consideration of others and their game mode choices. Yes that means you too. I play PvP roughly 95% of the time it has it’s ups and downs. I considered pve when I first started but the two servers I tried we’re so full that getting resources were a nightmare. And player griefing me for two hours and later stealing through my windows. PvP I can remove abandoned buildings and kill griefers but that doesn’t mean crap over on the solo/co-op and pve players I chose PvP and only make comments when stuff makes no sense lore wise or breaks immersion. Like shooting arrows through players or reduced arrow weights because you equip a quicker, ridiculous, I chose to promote the growth of a game and not just for my own benefits.


I dunno, i have to agree with the original poster. The games dead, and ita because it’s turned into a McDonald’s approach at gaming. Yeah, the fun is fast and cheap blowing into someone’s T3 base within minutes, but there’s no substance in it. Nothing to really earn. Do it a few times and you’ve done it all. Combat is atrocious since all you have to do is walk away from an enemies attacks to dodge them, and don’t give me the pole arm javelin nonsense I play the game and I can attest first hand that walking away beats all tactics in the game.
Constantly logging in to rebuild little holes or reset a clock feals like actual work, and i work all damned day so forget that.

Hey you can argue against it, but the servers are empty for a reason. I don’t even play anymore since it’s gotten so dead and boring. Make combat better, make the game less of a chore, and you’ll have a better game.


I agree the combat is imbalanced on all aspects thralls don’t work correctly, player bases are weak structurally so they can break to quickly in sieges. Gear is unbalanced, bows need a rework to incorporate the arrows (bows damage equally to their meele counter part or just short with arrow choices matching damage or appling penetration, bleed, etc) meta is two hand or Spears. It’s all because people complain and break a portion of the game. I’d love to have say “Guys let’s go raid” instead of being able to do it all by myself. The spoil times on certain necessities are too short or too high.

These suggestion forums are for us to come together and discuss all sides of an issue. Sure not everyone will agree but we compromise and reach agreements that should benefit as many as possible. Not just one mode or playstyle because we all like Conan exiles or we wouldn’t be here.


Well said

Stop the nagging players! You and Cry made a random arcade game from the game. People leave. Because the game has become difficult to raid. Huge bases for which you need 1000 pots. The gods will not even break one foundation. Play puree and stop whining. Slaves attack only during the raid. Seriously ??? I like to destroy pve games on pvp servers, they cry like children when I break their house). This is a Conan game, not a kindergarten. Sit on beer servers and do not hold your nose in pvp.


I really don’t understand why the creators of some piece of art that we happen to find around from time to time, tends to change it with addition of “Quality of Life changes” but affecting something else, don’t get me wrong, certainly there are ones that is a must for things to get eaiser, like having sub categories on crafting i.e: A sub folder for each tier/material, that is something very welcomed for a complex rich crafting system.

Now, there were some changes occured I think it just killed the World PvP experience, why I say World? Because of exploration, these changes make some scenarios way less interesting than it once was, like the auto close doors.

Back in the past when doors needed to be closed manually, those distracted players on a hurry, often left doors open, and if you’re the kind of explorer, you would find those open bases with a highly chance of free loot, sometimes not so good, but worth the info you get on that house clan at least.
The auto closing doors really help us all, if the game crashes at that time you open it, you will be safe, yes, it is good in a way

But then again, it affects another type of gameplay, a player that loves PvP, uses a more shadowy approach, can’t take advantage on sneaking for trespassing, only for scouting, hell… even stealing is shown now at the Eveng Log, designed for being a bug Oracle because Devs won’t do the hardright way, but still, crafting stations, walls, T3 Temples on bubble protection with lots of manifestation, and other building pieces just get poof! disappears, and all the Event Log can say is… “Server started… server started… server started…”

Ok, I can live with bugs, I understand they take time to be figured out, FC a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:, but its ok , I just wanted the game to make sense with the settings, PvP, if I build my base, I want to protect it from other player, so if I set Thralls to protect it, I want them to Attack once the enemy comes on range, its just doesnt make sense they only attacking on raid times! If I want them to be friendly, I welcome that as an option, that is a QoL. I thought this game was about a “brutal” land of barbarians… sadly the snowflake generation wins again.



Coming back with this just proves my point of players being selfish. Rather than talk about it you go to insults. There have been numerous times I have argued with others and yet we still keep it civil. We discuss, we debate, we share ideas. Being rude doesn’t help anyone or make any progress.


There you go. Go get’em Rocky.


If you like no offline raiding, but want a full 70/70 over 1000 player base server check this out.

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Prior to full launch I always only played pve which was why I couldnt take part in pvp discussions.

However I personally think its harder to raid than to defend.
Of course that completely depends on a few things.

  • Is the defending clan online and actively defending?

  • Is that defending clan used to defending and knows what it has to do? (Rebuild instantly.)

  • Has that defending clan built wisely? (Only a few spots in the map where building wisely is actually possible! If excluding undermeshing…)

Depending on those points, raiding will eighter be super easy (i.e. defenders offline, a hut on ground, single wall) or super hard to actually impossible. (finger, avatar defense up all the time, clan online and knows what to do)

But even before those points raiding is way more expensive and thus more time consuming than defending!