If only players had a thicker skin about raiding

So when I was a regular player during early access I had a player join my clan who’s big focus was on being an architect. He showed me his amazing base designs. I warned him that the bases while they looked amazing they were not designed around pvp. At the time I was playing on a very active pvp dedicated server. This was a server with a very active mean raiding clan. I had pretty much build my clan’s base solo in the southern aquaduct. So I asked his aid in reinforcing the base for what I figured was going to be an attack from that large raiding clan. Not suprisingly they attempted to raid us. I cautioned my clan mates and him to stay inside. We had farmed so hard on this server we were able to counter their bombs and reinforce from within. The clan was the type that loved to taunt. They called me all kinds of vulgar names. Daring us to come outside. I had tons of defensive thralls ready for them to breach. They failed. they gave up after 6 hours of trying to break in. By that time it was late at night and I warned my clan , they would raid us offline. I went ahead and grabbed some thralls some black ice tools and mats and hid myself away from the base and logged off. Sure enough the next mornning I was the only clan mate alive as they raided us offline. I was not upset I was not worried I knew we could rebuild swiftly and just repair the base. But the architect … whined that we were raided offline and quit the clan and quit the server. I bet there are many players who have had that similar experience. Its sad because if you mamage your time right you can build up swiftly and better. Pvp is not as broken as many people swear … its the will to fight on that is broken by so many players.


I like it. I like all of it. It excites me to risk so much and gain so little. It makes me become a better player to get handsomely pasted by some dude with skill. Hasn’t happened yet.

Being in our position, we are often akin to the kid on the street corner screaming about the vision he’s seen in a magical mirror, or on the other end of the continuum a nagging force of pessimism and negativity. It’s a sad state of affairs, and it’s a hard slog to get people to understand there’s a way to PVP and there’s a way to get your tasset handed to you.

Couple all this with the taunting that occurs during a raid, and many people just can’t handle the humiliation. I like it, it makes me laugh. Truly, I heard worse smack talk from a Sgt Instructor in buttery-soft OCS.

It can be a terrible let-down to lose everything. It’s even worse to be left behind.

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Totally agree. Too many people spend time building and playing on a server only to quit after getting raided once. I recall last year when dealing with the exploits of the chinese, we were put into the stone age every day for months. At the time it was annoying, but Im glad we stuck it out and held our own.


After 2 weeks of being raided and one weekend to rebuild I say never give in never give up.


If it’s a relatively fair fight sure… most people love raiding. It’s not fun when it’s lopsided and 1 clan just roams the country side wiping out every base they come across.

You want “a will to fight” in your opponent so you can have punching bags. If pvpers had any integrity they’d grab equally sized clans who were on a competitive level and play together… Instead they all somehow end up as alpha clans vs a smattering of solo and 2-3 player clans… or get this when there is competition… they just ally and then beat up all the solo players.

Stop whining about people leaving after being raided…they just don’t want to play with you. If so many people (lol) think like you… get on a server together and fight it out.


Sometimes they deserve to get raided and feel the sting.

I lead a clan where we have some new players and they havent gotten raided in a while as Ive made sure our base is protected and always am on the offense.

This lead to some of them not liking the amount of doors ive placed or amount of vaults and so on, not appreciating the defenses ive put work to because they do not know how it feels to be raided, they dont value the items they posses nor understand why i sometimes take most of the surplus items and store them away in hidden chests.

Eventually the ones that didnt like all this quit the server either because of boredom or because they didnt like the doors.

So I believe the opposite will affect them too. Some players are just meant to be raided hard and sent off crying for their mommys not playing conan, they are too soft for this game.

I remember when i started playing this game, i was immediately raided by a group of players exploiting durability bug literally chopping my t1 base and dedtroying everything taking everything but my loincloth even things they dont need. All these defeats taught me valuable lessons.

This is very true.

Even On servers with no offline raiding rules, its not uncommon to see players leave the server when they get raided. We used to love seeing massive battles between peeps since on a RP server it sometimes turns into a World War due to all the little connections, friendships, and alliances. So you’ll easily see 20 on 20.

But I always cringe in the back of my mind because despite how fun the battle is, I know probably 10-12 people are going to leave the server that night.

PVP isn’t defined as it originally used to be defined. When we used to play games like Everquest, Utilma Online, and a few others. PVP meant you had consequences for choices you made. Those consequences could be good, they might be bad. Either way you know what happened to you was the result of choices you made.

MMOs decided to try to regulate PVP. To make it more consensual, more fair, more balanced. Prior to that it was unfair, could happen at any moment, maybe even imbalanced. But most importantly. They took the soul out of it. They took the consequences out.

By doing this, people thought that is what PVP is or rather what they think it should be. And then when the survival genre got more traction, the real PVP emerged and that’s what we have now.

But people are just now being exposed to real PVP for the first time. What its like to make a conscious decision to go to the Mounds of the Dead alone and get trampled by a clan of five for that decision. Or building a base mostly pretty and out in the open for everyone to see, only to try ire and envy from raiders.

In a game like this, you have to think ahead on EVERYTHING you do. And understand that every action you take is a choice. A choice that is typically made for all to see. Some may not like your choices and may seek to punish you for it.

That’s PVP.

People don’t understand that through appeasement they could get some of these groups to leave ones base alone. This is more likely to happen on private servers than official (official is simply trolling at this point). But it may be possible. Never heard of anyone trying there.


well if ya’ll like pvp and raiding (but without the struggle of grinding materials to rebuild)

come play on my private server ‘House Targaryen’

Its on xbox and has 25x harvest multiplier. Perfect for building!
and its up all summer (into winter as well)
decay timer will be turned off midsummer since most will be on vacation then).

Is it me? You got more doors than a 300 base :stuck_out_tongue:

What surprises me about this attitude is, that people actually still call themselves PvPers and think they are elite. But the cold hard facts are, if your a ‘raider’ that has to raid offline to break into a base, your nor a PvPer. Your a glorified Pv’er. I will not begrudge you for your elite skills against doors and walls.


Back in the early Ultima Online days, there wasn’t even a well formulated concept of PVP within the game. Instead, there were PK (Player Killers). There were players who ran around, played the game, built houses, etc. and then there were players who tried to kill you and take your stuff. The PK was the most dangerous and in many ways most exciting part of the game. You could usually avoid most NPC spawns, but you never new when the PKs might show up. There were some paths that were known about as easy pickings where low level players would go for easy access to resources. Nowhere but the towns were safe.

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Me in in a three man tribe but only on 10 man breached the great walls after a week of raiding us not to say the 300 plus archers and a
Berserkers they had to deal with but the set one shot a hole and vanished due to the G
od shield low and behold we are still on our server and they are not

That was some of the best PVP though. There wasn’t any enforced organization to it, the players did it all themselves. Groups formed naturally and organically.

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I don’t get angry over players raiding our base while we are offline, it’s kinda expected when bases are up in the air, hard to reach, has foundations all over to counter trebuche etc. It makes raiding very time consuming even when the owner is offline. I personally haven’t been done much dmg to while online because defending while online is easy unless your are severally outnumbered.

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