Raid protection

So basically I’m playing on official pvp and there is raided protection I think between 5pm and 11pm is the only time people can raid,my question is if people can kill my thralls/pets before that raid protection or after because I know they can during those times but I’m not sure if they can before or after

As my thralls don’t attack unless it’s 5pm-11pm so I hope they can’t be killed during the other times since they don’t attack

Can confirm. Boss creatures and other NPCs are regularly kited and used to kill enemy npcs and even damage structures.

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Definitely yes. We fought a guy in the nameless city the other week after raid and kited a dragon over to kill his thrall holding all his gear after he died.

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@thoth-anon is correct. Thralls and pets are active 24/7 against NPC and wildlife, and can be kill by them (npc and wildlife). During raid windows, thralls and pets are active against other players and can be killed and kill the players during that time only.

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