Can scouting thralls be killed?

Just wondering if scouting thralls can be killed during non raid times but with 24/7 pvp times, like pvp official? I thought you could but my clan mate says otherwise. Haven’t had any luck finding a scouting thrall to test it.

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I can confirm, after just recently watching events unfold, that NO, you can not kill a ‘scouting’ thrall outside of PvP window (the event happened on an official PvE (c) server). I saw an npc walking by my base (to which I thought to myself, that is indeed unusual) as my guards would have normally attacked it. I then noticed it had ‘scouting’ above it’s head and so I followed it for a while (trying to attack it a couple of times, but to no joy). It then came across the Brute in Unnamed City, which did attack it, and eventually killed it. I then went in and helped myself to his goodies, as well as finishing off the Brute.

So….on an official PvP server where PvP is 24/7 then that means yes, the thrall can be killed while scouting by another player? I’m so confused. :weary:

A scouting thrall can be killed during raid hours.

So on an official pvp server during Non-raid hours, if your thrall is scouting, it can’t be killed by another player? Was this always the way it was, cuz I vividly remember killing scouting thralls and animals during non raid time?

That’s not what I was asking. I’m asking about during non raid hours on an official pvp server. Can a player kill a scouting thrall during that time. The settings are set for 24/7 pvp so I assumed you could but clan mate says no.

Same. I remember being able to kill scouting thralls/tames during non-raid time on pvp official. If it’s changed, I had no idea. According to another comment though, it sounds like as long as pvp is actively on, they can be killed, which would mean in theory on official with pvp being 24/7, then you should be able to.

I did technically answer your question but should have said “only”.

So no, a scouting thrall cannot be killed during non-raid hours.

Just like you can’t kill guarding thralls during non-raid hours.

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Scouting/Guarding Thralls are basically considered buildings.
You can only damage them when buildings can be damaged if I’m not mistaken.

Even in single-player, enable PvP and you have friendly fire!
You can now damage your followers when they are following you.
→ You still cannot damage them when they aren’t following.

Then, tick the box saying "can damage player owned structures (if I’m remembering it correctly)
→ Now you can damage your own structures, and magically you can also damage your non-following thralls :+1:

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