Killing thralls outside of raid hour

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Does anybody know, if its an intender feature that if you run around with a thrall and get killed by another player (outside of raid hours on an official pvp server) then your thrall goes to scouting mode and he can be killed by another player?

My event log only says : “Thrall Name” owned by “Me” died. (2)

dont know what that nr 2 means.

I also tested it 10 min later with another thrall.
I got myself killed by Aardwolf Scavenger while having a thrall follow me. I then run back to where i was killed and my thrall was in scouting mode and fighting with npc. He then got killed and my event log said : “Thrall Name” owned by “Me” was killed by Aardwolf Scanevger. (2)

any info would be great, so i would know what not to do anymore.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. run around with a thrall on follow
    2.get killed by another player outside of raid hours on an official pvp server
    3.Thrall goes to scouting mode ( checked it in a followers tab )
  2. thrall dies, event log does not show who killed him.

I have seen this happening on a PvE server though where the trall died without being killed by another player with the same log entry. Not sure what this entry refers to exactly but it is not PvP related.

@Larathiel also had these kind of entries on his PvE server.

EDIT: When it is killed by NPC or a player, the event log shows the reason but one thing all these mysterious thrall deaths have in common is that they happened after the player died and the thrall went into scouting mode. I’ve checked the server’s database to see if the cause of death is listed but it is not. Unfortunately, I don’t have the logs from that day to see if there is anything relevant in there. It happened only once on our server and I am sure 100% that the thrall was not killed by another player.


I know at least 2 of the deaths that happened on my server was when a player had been fighting the giant spider in X’potle, with another it was a wight. In each case, the thralls were fairly hurt but still at at least 50% health.

And yes, my server is PvE, so this is definitely not a case of PvP hijinx.

Could this simply be that the followers are killed by the same thing that killed the player? Or has that already been ruled out? When I was just starting out I had the classic noob experience of blundering into a Black Kappa, and while the screen was still doing the countdown to respawn thing, I could see my hyena in the background still fighting - she was dead by the time I got back.

Possibly that, in combination with the thing where followers that are beyond a certain range from the player seem to stop being able to deliver damage but are still able to take it, could maybe explain what’s going on? With maybe the going into scouting mode explaining why the cause of death isn’t get logged? (Some kind of ‘change of mode results in not picking up the data’ kinda deal, maybe?) Of course, none of that solves the issue, if any of it’s even correct. Not sure how useful this post is really…

Thank you for the info.
I will keep trying to figure out why my thrall died.

i will also take a closer look to the PvE aspect of the situation.
I assumed it was PvP related as a thrall died just minutes of me getting killed by a player and at that location there were no npcs around to kill me or my thrall.

This could be. If the player is too far for the cause to be registered!?

If what DanQuixote mentions is correct, your thrall may have still died due to for example bleed if your attackers built palisades around it or something.

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that could be possible, i will test it, as i was close to their base at the time.

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