PC - Furnace accessible through wall

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

When you place a furnace adjustment to the wall (tested on T1), it is possible to place it in such a way, that a small part of furnace sticks out of the wall on the other side. And then it is possible for the other person to get the content out of the furnace (through the wall).

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I can confirm this - we were just robbed of all the items inside, on PvE server (doable through window too).

The easiest solution: let us LOCK all crafting stations! Why is there “OPEN” status if we cannot change it to “LOCKED” as with containers (chests)?

Or just give us the option in server settings.

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yes i agree this is a real issue

Guy’s, this issue has been around for over a year! They’ve been told about it on numerous occasions and still it happens.

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I love the fact that you can steal from windows! more life like. love the idea of being able to lock stations too.

This can happen with more than just furnaces.
A simple fix is to pay attention and not place your stuff where it clips through walls.


just for information, 10 month ago it was possible to lock workbench. Problem was, when you was raided, all workbenchs were destroyed so you have to start from scratch. Now that worbench are open, when you are raided, if a chest is not close from the workbench, you can hope to still have your workbench. Matter of choice, either you stop to build with windows, eitheir you ask to have worbench locked and have them destroyed when you are raided. your choice.

Perfect advice mate.

They do need to stop it from happening though. Clearly the boundaries of the model are smaller than the selectable area of the model. Probably the same issue which allows the rhinos to pop their head through a wall and hit you. Simply shouldn’t happen.

A lockable option would still be nice, at least to be able to “chain” the thrall to it to prevent them from being stolen if you choose.

I agree, but I have my doubts that this will ever be changed.
Collision and clipping issues are rampant and I don’t expect them to ever be resolved.

I really wish they would be, though.