Was it intended? or is it a bug

Game mode: (Online official |
Type of issue: : Crash | Bug |
Server type: | PvE-Conflict
Region: eu

1# After recent patches, When crafting u cant que stuff, it dissapears…

2# After latest patches if u have a full furnace of stone, then you could before log on to full bricks. Now the furnace and station goes to OFF position after server restart?

3# Shield, do not block anymore… at least not as good as before.

Hey there,

Let me answer point by point:

  • Did you place a DLC item in the crafting queue when this happened?
  • Furnaces and workbenches turn off after a server restart.
  • We’re aware of that issue and we’re going to release a patch for it very soon.

Thanks for your feedback! Also, for future postings, could you make different posts for each issue? this way it’s easier for us to send it to our team :slight_smile:

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dlcs yes, but it has always done that, but not to this extent it does now.
yes, they turn off now, but never did earlier?

thanks for reply.

Edit Let me add I had to restart a wheel of pain 10 times on official server, thats never happend before either. also I added lobster in the wheel after crash it was on STOP with gruel in the feeder… I guess thats some default crash reset thing?

We’re currently experiencing some issues with our official servers affecting their stability and performance. Perhaps this increase in micromanaging you’re mentioning has some relation to the server being restarted more often than usual. As far as I’m aware, though, crafting queues in workbenches, WoP and so on are stopped when a server stops/restarts and it has been so for as far as I can remember.

Strange, cause I swear before I could log on to full bricks and not unfinnished bricks… But maybe ur right. Ive got 2k hours on conan since early access, but maybe I remember wrong on this issue… Thanks.

Before, server restarts did not stop crafting ques. I know, because my last job every night in my clan was to check fire bowls and make sure all the steel fire was cooking. This would allow for the clans EU players to log in and flip the steel fire into steel/dragon powder. If this is the new norm, then it will greatly affect our process :slight_smile:

My understanding of crafting stations is that when logged off and not within someones LOD, it takes a “timestamp” and what is queued to craft (IE 2000 steel fire). When the next person to start the LOD enters the area, it uses math to determine what should have crafted of that 2000 during that time. So server restarts should not affect that.


Thank you, thats what I thought too.

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