Whats up with the crafting system

i don’t get this crap at all… can’t barley do stuff around the base soon as you move anything out the invatory it cancles… and some tables just stop after the coal peace expires to the next coal peace the table just shuts off on its on like the stove. kinda really makes it not worth playing all day just to keep fighting the crafting system to make sure one dam thing stays crafting.

same goes for production in general, if you dont look at the thrall work… he will stop and so will the cue, i started production of 2500 insulated wood, went around killing for a bit, and returned, yay 2 pieces done in 3 hours

It’s a bug. It’s been reported quite enthusiastically, and the devs are working on it.


One advantage, perhaps the only one, with playing on a console is we know about the bugs introduced by new patches well before they’re available. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The downside is we still get them like the PC players once they’re implemented on our PS or XBox. :face_with_thermometer:


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