Crafting Queue keep getting cleared automatically

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict ]
Region: [ NA ]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: No ]
Edition: [ Select one: Steam ]

Bug Description:

A clear and concise description of what the bug is.
Stove and alters keep clearing its crafting queues automatically. In addition, on other work benches, if you take out or put in stuff they will also clear the crafting queues

Expected Behavior:

Put 200 Water-filled Glass Flask in stove, select Purified Water, start cooking. after a while the crafting queue gets deleted. same for other foods and items crafted in alters as well.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1: Put 200 Water-filled Glass Flask in stove
  2. Step 2: select Purified Water, start cooking.
  3. Step 3: after a while the crafting queue gets deleted

Seems to be any non-automatic crafting queue. (Ie, not smelters or basic fires)

Adding or removing items can trigger the reset.

Also: if you have branches and wood in a carpenter bench, and go to create all on shaped wood, it’ll automatically queue the conversion of branches to wood if you have a thrall with that recipe in there. Probably not intended, at least I hope not.

I’m having the same issue with blacksmith and carpenter tables along with crafting in inventory. So, it is an issue for sure.

*EDIT: If I try to make multiple protected torches in my inventory, it will make one, then queues up a bunch of regular torches.

Noticing this as well,

I started crafting 26 chests, but it stopped after doing no more than 10. Started it again, and this time it stopped after doing 5.


This is messing up the ability to queue long crafting sessions on our characters and on the crafting stations. Can you check into this as well?

I think the best is to revert crafting queue like it was before the patch.
The hard test this new feature before sending it to a next patch.

This was probably to fix the ‘bug exploit’ of crafting queues sometimes finishing crafting all items instantly.

After the 2.5 update ALL crafting queues are terminating prematurely. I’ve seen it happen with siege boulders, alchemical base, hardened leather, layered fur, steelfire, and leather. No matter how many items you queue, if you return to it after a couple minutes everything has stopped crafting.

So far with items in a stove, for me, it clears the remaining queue after 1 piece of fuel is used and a new one starts to be burned.

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Same thing with alchemist cauldron, when i’m trying to make dragon powder through steel fire craft. After some time queue will clear itself and stop producing items while resourses still left inside.

Same in any crafting queue, be it crafting station or inventory.
Even blacksmith with just a stack of iron, to craft reinforcement is bugging.
There is roughly 50% chance long crafting queue will disappear before fully done.
Another player on my server got the same problem.

It’s not gamebreaker, but is really bothering any mass-building or late crafting. Which soon be really frustrating.

This issue has been acknowledged and will be addressed hopefully soon. I know I am not Funcom but I know they know and working on it.


Having the same problem. Even when you craft on yourself as soon as you move something from your inventory it clears the queue

Oh yea for sure issue with the fuel tick and que. Once the tick happen and tries to go to the next log, coal or oil, the que resets.

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