Fix crafting queues in next patch?

There is a problem with crafting queues, in the player, or in benchs.

For example, start crafting a bedroll with fiber and branch without having twin :
3 twin + bedroll
eat gruel when crafting the twin
you only have 3 twin and no bedroll
→ eating gruel cancel the second item in queue.
(if you do not eat, you have a bedroll).

Another example, in bench (see pics below) :
I am crafting 24 dragon powder, i remove 1 steelfire → crafting queue is now 13 dragon powder!!!

So removing items from bench can clear part or total crafting queues.


Yes - that same bug from a few months ago has come back, but in a more limited form - crafting queues now only cancel if there was ‘two-stage crafting’ in the queue. (Eg - in your twine+bedroll example - if you crafted the twine first and then queued the bedroll, eating gruel, or removing an item from a bench, or a stack of crafting materials running out, doesn’t cancel the crafting. It only seems to do it now if you queue the bedroll directly and the game has to add the twine to the queue itself with the new crafting feature.)

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