Crafting Queue no longer crafts multiple items/

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[Free text]When I place multiple items to be crafted in the crafting queue, only the first item is crafted. When the first item finishes, the other items to be crafted disappear from the queue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I should add
that this problem was noticed mainly with crafting Khitan building materials.

To clarify, crafting seems bugged, have to click craft single and then craft all to actually craft all and sometimes that doesn’t work either.

I cant craft but few things at cooking station simple crap only. More better drinks no longer work. & I have Cooks from LVL 1 - 4.

I have no problems with the ovens or firepits,. I can cook everything I have recipes for.

Found the same thing in PC SP PVP, the craft 10 button wouldn’t do so UNTIL I clicked on just craft button first.