Crafting from Inventory Bug

When Crafting Multiple items from inventory such as tier 3 building pieces, if i queue different DLC building pieces at all, the first time the next building piece in the queue is ready to craft, the entire queue will erase. If i queue the following: DLC Type 1 Foundation + DLC Type 1 Ceiling + DLC Type 2 Wallframe :
the ceiling will be skipped, and the wallframe will then build.
I’m not going to keep testing combinations because in NO WAY is this a work around.
Thanks for taking a look

P.S. Rarely my queue will cancel even if i only make like 3 pieces of the same item from the same DLC.

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Hi there, this bug is fixed on testlive.

  • Fixed a bug where recipes could disappear from the crafting queue. This predominantly affected the DLC items

Alternatively, it is also viewable on Trello (which also shows a patch for it has been deployed to testlive).

So this should be resolved in the next major patch.


Again your replies are always fast and efficient. thank you very much.


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