Bug in the workbenches

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]

When I leave the game far from the base the things I leave on the benches simply do not manufacture, How to fix this?

Hey Double,

I was wondering if you could provide us with a little more information about this problem. Do your crafting machines stop when you’re away from your base when playing and then come back? or did you mean that they stop working when you log off?

if I leave something manufacturing and go away from the base and after a time disconnect from the game things stop manufacturing and what could have been produced by the workbench is not produced, it would basically reset the benches to the point that I went away from base

Thank you very much for clearing that up for us! :slight_smile:

What you’re describing is intended. The game is set up so the amount of CPU resources a placeable, building or NPC gets from your hardware is based on their proximity to the player.
Outside a certain range they go into a suspended mode, basically a “sleep mode”. We have “catch up” methods in place to account for the suspended time. A crafting station, for example will catch up on the amount of time you were away once you return to it, since it was suspended.

When you leave your single-player game you’re shutting down the server you’ve created for that single-player game. The game saves the state you left the world in, but things don’t continue to run after that.

That means that when you leave your game far away from your crafting stations, you’re saving the progress they had when they suspended. If you want them to catch up you need to go back to your base, then log off.

Hope that made sense :slight_smile: Please let me know if you have any other questions.

The catch up system for the firebowl cauldron isn’t working then because when ever I come back to my base from a trip I have to manually start the crafting again, the items will still be qued but not crafting.

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