A special chest to loot between players in PvE

Armour reduction kits combined with a T4 armorer with weight reduction ability.

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Well, we were all noobs at the time. We didn’t even have horses, and thought we were some tough warriors out there just because we had left the desert. Good memories.

Yeah, that’s what I do for my armour x3
For my thralls, I use the draco armour with the heavy plates though.
But unless it’s an event, I’m not generous enough to bother crafting fully optimized armours as gives away. Piled up legendaries, however… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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i’m afraid this feature won’t get any real priority. reason: actually it’s already possible, but it’s currently not enabled on official servers. the server setting ContainerIgnoreOwnership is exactly for this purpose. with it, all containers (and crafting statiuons) are accessible to everyone. containers also get the option to lock them. so the only thing missing is the appropriate configuration on the official servers

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well, I don’t want to change this setting on PVE, hoping that I happen to be online in time after a server reboot which will introduce the change ( which could be anytime) and quickly lock dozens of crates and stations before some lucky guy takes it out ( and I guess our base right by the sinkhole would be the primary target since we are currently the oldest active clan on the server).

An extra crate where it is set to unlock for others would be enough. And a menu for trading between players would be handy , throwing things on the ground and hoping the other player does the same is not exactly optimal for a game in 2023, games had a menu for trading between players 20 years ago

I hope the next age will be a “quality improvement time for players” with some backstory , you promised bug fixes for this year and so far nothing much , you barely fix the newly added things and ignore the old ones that annoy players for years.

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I understand the concerns for such configuration changes, but that wasn’t my primary point. it’s more that the feature exists, but it’s not used. the probability that funcom implements a very similar feature a second time just because they can’t or don’t want to change the configuration in a specific case is close to zero. the masses of players benefit more if you invest this development time in a really new feature and not in a second variant that actually already exists… i hope it’s clear what i’m getting at and why i think the chances of such a box are very very low…

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I understand your fear if a setting is made that way. But we’ve been talking about introducing a new chest to start with, working independently to the ones existing. So reboot or not, as long as you would not craft the chest yourself and install items in it, nothing would change.

Yes, that was one of my concerns and questions in a previous post. The access to stations would be problematic on a PvE server. But as said before, exploring the possibility of a separate new container for trade which would work indepently to what exists would be nice.

Well, I’m not in their heads. It might not benefit them, but they did implement some changes which had been asked by the community for a long time and which did not bring them benefits either: the Orb of Nergal. So I will keep a positive mind and hope to see that feature one day :blush:

In the mean time, the Siege Cauldron (probably due to a bug) allows anyone to loot it.


it’s not about whether it brings funcom something or not. rather, it brings nothing new to the players because it already works, but only with the appropriate configuration. so if funcom invests this time, it is nothing new. it makes more sense to invest the time in something that brings something new for all players. new features are more interesting than the umpteenth version of an existing feature.

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The basic siege cauldron was open to everyone long time ago, i looted tar from one i didn’t own. I came across the new one yesterday and it let me use it but i couldn’t open the inventory, i haven’t tested the basic version though. It’s worth a shot if changes haven’t been made to it.

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It’s to protect new players. Pve must not be loot able at all, even when a base decay, NOBODY should be able to loot it, NOBODY!!! It’s a wrong feature that one day must be fixed.
But. Exchanges between players MUST exist. We can exchange safely in chaos mouth shrine, or in frost forge etc… Yet it’s not enough either correct.
My suggestion years ago was charity tables, where people can leave even food without decay timers. But now, the game evolution can change the whole thing. We can have little markets outside our base, again without decay timers, maximum 20 slots and place a price in each item, so another player can pay the price and obtain the item. The exchange can be in almost everything, for example someone who’s bored to grind stones, can ask 10.000 stones for a predatory blade or 1 fiber (if he-she wishes to gift).
Give us trading options in pve!!!

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:brazil: pve Conan Exiles

Espero que isso nunca e jamais funcione por que é fato PVP, PVE e PVEC espero que não tenha essa ideia fora do PVP, se quiser que tenha saque entre no PVP vou resumir…

Conan foi criado voltado para PVP porém existem sempre novos jogadores que não tem muita noção de jogo então fazer essa opção iria estragar toda gameplay sem preocupações de ficar pensando em trancar um baú… Quando jogo em servidor PVE e PVEC não quero ter que me preoculpar com trancas e fechaduras. Espero que a FUNCOM nunca mude isso essa ideia iria afastar muitos novatos que estão iniciando no servidor PVE e PVEC.

Uma solução: Se quiser passar um item encontre uma pessoa e faça o drop para outro jogador!

Quer algo diferente ou modificado? Jogue em servidor com MOD, lembrando que servidor oficial é público e são da g-portal

Quem quiser reclamar algo de servidores públicos “oficial” basta enviar um ticket para o suporte ZENDESK

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You can already build a container and put items in it for others to take.

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Yeah, we basically said the same thing. Creating an alternative would not affect your gameplay at all though, unless you purposely craft it. Which means, if you don’t want it, you don’t craft it. Nothing hard to understand.

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Which one?

Ooh, I’ve never used the cauldron in PvE. :thinking:

HS: There used to be a bug, which was feeding the thralls non stop. So they would eat even without needing food. So I only put the food directly in their inventories after that lol. Is that bug fixed?

Oh yes, sorry. I misunderstood your post, thank you for the correction.
Well, I understand what you mean, but in the same way, an option which is inactive = does not work in my opinion. That’s why it would be considered as something new in my PvE eyes. :thinking:

What are our current options?

  • Now: none
  • Settings: locking/unlocking >> it would be too hard on the PvE community in the sense that the new players would not be prepared for it when choosing a server, and unwelcomed by both old and new players because we cannot lock the stations anyway, which defeats the purpose of being on a PvE server.
  • Other: all the ideas above, talking about something new and working independently from the current chests and stations

The Dev Team took a special note to speak about some sort of Ally system, and how it’s hard to figure it out. There is something that would satisfy both your and their desires.

Excluding an off switch for thralls, in my experience, really what we need is one thing: a padlock or combination lock system. In my experience in online PvP play (PvP-Lite), if you build yourself a durable place on a server or even if you’re a casual barbarian, you need a way to do two things: gain access to an Ally’s boxes and/or one or more of their buildings.

I think a simple setting change from Funcom could then allow access to shared crates and doors in PvE.

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Thank you so much for your answer and point of view.
Your padlock idea reminds me of some threads I read, in which people were asking a system to give access or remove access within a clan.

This excites me! :partying_face:

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:brazil: feedback

Então, isso já existe e se chama drop, basta largar ou soltar para qualquer pessoa pegar no chão :relieved:

Para qualquer outra interação fora do jogo base recomendo jogar em servidor com MOD