Permissions on doors, more rank/permission editing in clan and thrall friendly list

Add permissions on Doors, Thrall doesn’t attack list and more clan ranks/ editable permissions.

Doors- Make it so u can add individual players or clans as being able to open specific doors, or in the clan so that only certain ranks or people in the clan can use the door. Helpful when in an alliance and sharing map rooms and such. Also, limits the risk of people infiltrating a clan and raiding everything from the inside.

Thralls - I wish they attacked at all times, allowing people to scout your base during non-raid hours is horrible for defense. But also make it so that you can list clans/people as friends so they don’t attack them, as it is a raid hour tour of some of my aesthetic bases involves me disarming and caging numerous thralls. (i like to build decorative buildings too)


also clan options to actually have another clan as an ally. and make certain doors accessible by ally

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clan size limit is there for a reason, though

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I know it’s not for everyone, but modded private servers already have that functionality (doors with passwords, keys, guild ranks, friends lists, etc.). You don’t even have to be in the same clan in order to share a base.

only an in clan system and/or make the clan limit the max nr off members to 5 and able to have 1 frendly clan!

but onlt aslong as the total nr of the Clans 10 member.

No back way around to elominate the clam max members….

Agree with the OP suggestion, and also with

And I want also to incorporate chests and crafting stations as they said on this post:
“PVE suggestions”

yes, but a real alliance would be great so I can go in an out of a specific part of their base where their doors allow me, and not get killed by their thralls and pets

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this could work for pvp servers as well. we have one ally and working out of each others bases would be awesome

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But then you cansel the max 10 members limit, and will be exploited.

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