QoL - Clan Management and Freedom

Clan Management is one thing that must have more options because players that are not clan leaders are susceptible to lose everything if kicked out or choose to leave the clan without knowing the consequence. This is incredible frustating for those who spend so much time building, gathering resources, “playing the game”, and somehow because of a discussion or fight inside the clan, get kicked and potentially leaves the game. (I’ve seen it happen).

So, Im here to ask you FC to consider this matter, some suggestions;

  1. Clan Leader

    If the clan leader doesn’t log for 30 days (or the decay time whatever it suits better), the member with most played time gets the leader;

    Or an iten can be crafted, the " Leader Flag ", crafting it and planting in any base the clan owns will make the crafter becomes the clan leader in 24h. Only one flag can be crafted at a time in the current leader’s absence period, while planted, if the leader log in, he/she must get to the flag, and remove it, to remove it takes some seconds, the crafter player can opt to do not let the leader remove if he/she chooses to be the new leader, in PvP servers they can fight for the flag to become/maintain leadership.

  2. Owned buildings

A player that craft, and build everything from its personal player crafting panel, it is his/her own, even being part of a clan, before or after, he/she controls it, having the option to block doors, chests and vaults for clan members if he/she desires to. If he/she gets kicked from the clan, or chooses to leave, the buildings he/she crafted will continue in his control.

Now, I know this requires some work, but this is a great game changer for those who used to play with friends, and the friends abandoned the game leaving you trapped in a ghost clan, or those who joined a clan with random players and become trapped aswell. I would gladly pay for this as being part of an expansion or DLC, because I believe and Im sure most of the community, this is a great importance QoL improvement for the game.


We definitely need some sort of mechanism to regain clan management capabilities in situations where the leader just disappears. This has affected multiple clans on my PvE server, and the remaining players are now unable to merge clans or add new friends to their existing clan simply because the leader vanished without trace months ago and never transferred leadership.

So yes, if the leader has been gone for a month, I’d say transfer leadership to the officer with the most seniority who is still active. If there are no officers, then move on to members, etc. Additionally, when leadership is transfered, I’d advise you to display a prompt on the intended recipient’s screen requiring them to accept the promotion to leader. If they have not done so in a week’s time, it moves on to the next most senior person at that rank.

Finally, if no one in the clan has been active in 30 days, delete the clan from the server’s clan database, keeping only the individual players for however long you normally do.


Definitely, good suggestion too, simplier to implement, almost every player sometime will experience this, being trapped on a clan making you unable to join other because you will loose what you got. Its a need this improvement on Clan Management.


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