Seriously needed QoL update: Replace afk clan leader to the most active clan officer/member

I know many of you plays with rl friends, but hear me out as someone who play with ppl I met in this game.

Since we don’t have detailed clan management (structure ownership etc)like ARK, it becomes frustrating when you built a giant structure all by yourself, only to realize your clan leader and other clan members afk so much that their own base get decayed.

Leaving will cause all your work gone, staying will mean you will have no room for clan expansion since the cap 10 prevents you from getting more ppl.

The above are talking about me. I built a huge castle all by myself, even made 9 bedrooms, only to realize all other clan members have been afk for 3 weeks. I asked the clan lead to transfer leadership to me on discord while he was away (he claimed he will be back…which he didn’t for almost a month now)and he ignored me.

This really sucks when it happen, can we please implement a “clan leader decay system” that if the clan leader haven’t log on for 2 weeks, he steps down and becomes officer, and the most active officer/member becomes the clan lead?

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That seems to be an ongoing serious headache on officials.
For the very few who ever played on my server, AFK (or other interests including conflict of interest and lack of interest) is a reason they don’t come back, leaving you hanging out to dry.
Yes, for your purposes, you need a hierarchal system that passes ownership to the senior member still standing who is active in the game.
This AFK business is horse dung.


Ikr, with the hype slowing going away (and lack of bug fix and new content), some ppl are simply jumping to other games, and it sucks staying in a clan that the leader go away

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The mod Pippi fixes this issue if you are on PC. An admin can designate a new leader.

Official will likely never have this feature. They remain unmodded and unregulated.

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