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Hello devs,
Here is the situation: my only other clan mate hasn’t logged on for months, not sure if he either got bored of the game or moved to another server, but did so without leaving the clan first. He had created the clan initially, and is still listed as (I believe) the clan leader, so I can’t remove him from the list, and therefore can’t control the clan. I’m thinking of possibly merging with another clan now, but if I understand correctly, can’t do so without loosing all my stuff, unless I can also be the last member left in the clan.
So if I may suggest, please consider implementing a timer for clan membership expiration. Any member that doesn’t log in to the particular server for X number of _____ (days, weeks, months) either gets automatically kicked from the clan or demoted, and perhaps the highest level member who logged in most recently gets promoted to the clan leader, if the absentee member happens to be the leader. Also, if opting for full removal from the clan, consider having their stats erased from the server, too. I believe this would be consistent with the other decay timer intentions implemented in the game, to keep the servers tidy.
Sound fair to everyone? Would love to hear other opinions, and happy to provide more to the discussion, if there is interest to support this suggestion.


You’re suggestion would help alot of people having heard of others in a similar situation if you leave your clan to join another you will loose your stuff. If you decide to join another clan you can remove everything and give it to them before you quit your current clan. Good Luck.

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Yep, only way would be to destroy everything, loot all your own chests, break bond with thralls while you are still in clan. then give the stuff to the new clan. Once that is done, you can rebuild. The only way around a leaderless clan:/


Thank you both for your input on what I could do now, but that’s not really why I brought this up. Of course, I have already thought this through, and concluded the same thing. It would be a shame to have to destroy everything I have already built, but practically speaking, if push comes to shove, that’s what I will do.
I’m not in a hurry to do anything about it either, I quite enjoy playing the game on my own as well. It’s just that the situation got me thinking, and I’m sure other players have been in similar situations. If the game devs intended for the ownerless stuff in general to decay and fall apart after a period of inactivity, why would that not apply to the players as well? I am genuinely interested to find out if anyone here thinks that it would be unfair to purge vestiges of a player’s presence from the server when the player doesn’t log in for, say, 6 months. If so, why? My sense is that implementing a dynamic of this sort would actually serve as a more realistic way of perpetuating clan ownerships and facilitating inheritances. If a clan leader abdicates responsibility, or is otherwise unable to continue playing, it seems unfair to punish everyone else left in the clan, and through no fault of their own leave them with no viable options to eventually regain control (other than the described evacuate-and-nuke option, that is)…

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Love this idea! It would put the clan ranks to actual use.

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OK, so some support, no opposition (so far). Seems to not affect most players, but super annoying if it happens to affect you. In any case, thank you all for chiming in.

@Hugo @Ignasis @Toolguy
What do you guys think? Would something like this be reasonable, stupid, unimportant to the game, technically difficult to implement? If it would just be a matter of tweaking the code on your end a little bit and including it in one of the upcoming patches, please let us know if you decide to do so, because then I would not mind waiting it out for a while longer. But if there is probably no chance of it ever happening and I have no other choice but to go nuclear, it would help to know that now…

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I’m not on the Exiles team, and I don’t know the code, so no way I could give an estimate, but the suggestion makes sense - to me at least - :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply and vote of confidence. Sorry about flagging this to you then, didn’t know you’re not on this game. However, can’t help but wonder now how your handle ended up on the ConanExilesDev list…

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I was on the Exiles team before the game launched: Exiles was the “go big or go bust” project for Funcom, so we had all hands on deck, but I mostly worked on things like crash reporting, error logging, and the early crap version of the chat system, just that I’ve not touched the Exiles code base in the last two years :slight_smile:


By doing this what is to stop someone hijacking your clan if you go on holiday or are offline for a few weeks.
I setup a clan and took a few weeks (about 8) break but am back again.

I could have lost everything.
I would how ever like better management of clans so you can stop people joining a clan and emptying the boxes and leaving with the loot.
Setup which boxes low members can open (some kind of lock) , max nr of things they can remove per day etc.

If you are in a clan, then you should trust when you get back you will be put back in it. If they were going to HI-Jack you, they would have done it the second you merged, not after playing together for a while. That , or you need better friends…

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It’s really absurd that someone who isn’t involved into the Conan exiles stuff anymore can answer to a post like this really nicely but the actual Staff being declared as community managers or something like that never really get their hats into the game and discuss suggestions or general discussions with us :o why is there a forum with possibilities like this if no one actually talks to us to let us know what they think about our suggestions?

I think the clan leader beeing away for a longer period of time than the dacay timers should make him beeing demoted. If there are still buildings that belong to the clan then those who sustained them should be in rule of the belongings, not an absent person. This mechanic needs to be introduced!

Well, what would stop them is you continuing to play the game actively. Obviously, if you’re the clan leader, you should probably be leading the clan by example…
That being said, people should be able to take vacations (or perhaps if they’re sick for a few weeks), and not have to start from scratch when they get back into it, but their inaction shouldn’t limit other players indefinitely. For this reason, I am myself leaning a bit more favorably toward demotion rather than full deletion, because that way the former leader can still stay in the clan for as long as the clan exists, but also only as long as the new leader (along with the other active clan members, perhaps) assesses that it would be beneficial to the clan to keep him/her on the team, going forward. It provides more options, and more options is always better than less.
I’m thinking about 3 months of not logging in is a reasonable period of time for such a measure to kick in. Any thoughts?


Please have patience and understanding for the devs, they have their hands full dealing with multiple other, and probably more important, aspects of the game. I imagine now more people than ever are playing the game, just because more people are staying home and looking to pass the time, so the load is higher than usual. At the same time, the FC team is working at a diminished capacity, maybe from home, perhaps distracted by their kids, etc. Bugs and glitches take priority, as they should, but just because the devs are not responding to our suggestions doesn’t mean that they don’t read them. And lets face it, most of the suggestions that pop up here are either… how should I put it delicately… insufficiently pre-contemplated, or motivated by frustrated venting, neither of which deserve serious acknowledgement. Mine might be one of those as well, I don’t know, and I can’t know unless I bring it up for discussion, as I have. The few remaining good suggestions are overwhelmingly requests for entirely new features, many of which, I admit, would be nice to have in the game, but would also require additional coding time and resources, probably more than FC has available. That leaves a lot of forum posts to sift through, but only a handful of good suggestions truly worth considering, so it’s really no surprise that the devs don’t prioritize this branch of the forum. Not prioritizing is not the same as ignoring, however, as evidenced by some of the better suggestions in the past eventually making it into the game.


this is solvable in DB , Pippi tool allows this changing ranks… AGAIN this would be solvable if they had Admin that could police the servers … or even to go as far as buy joshtech pippi code and make it work. EVERY MMO has an admin that does these works but not in CE that i can tell … move to Private server that has pippi and you wont need to worry again.

SI yo tengo un problema similar aver si alguien me puede hechar una mano

Many thanks for your input, but again, I am not so much looking for a solution to my immediate problem, as suggesting a base game feature which is likely to improve some players’ experiences, but (as far as I can tell) have no significant adverse effects for any others (unless anyone can think of some). Besides, moving to a different server now, private or official, wouldn’t exactly solve the problem at hand, would it? In addition to losing all the buildings, I would also loose everything else that could, at the moment, potentially be salvageable, as well as all my leveling, and discoverable feats…

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