New feature request: Clan Ownership decay/succession

We’ve all seen it. A once powerful tribe suffers from players and often leadership quitting the game never to come back. Those left behind in the clan eventually find that in many cases they are unable to promote/kick or add others. Some stay in the clan because they don’t want to have to wipe themselves and rebuild with a new clan while others just take whatever and bounce. I propose that a new leadership decay/succession feature be implemented.

It would work like this:

  • If a clan leader hasn’t logged in 2 weeks for longer than a few hours, he/she is automatically demoted and leadership is passed to the longest serving member in the next rank who has been active in the last 2 weeks.

  • If there are no other active tribe admins it goes to the next member who has been in the clan the longest who is active.

  • If a clan has been completely dormant after 2 weeks, the next member who logs in automatically gets clan ownership.

  • If an old leader returned after the decay time (such as in Conan lore) they could challenge the new leader within a certain period of time to a fight to the death. Whoever wins a one time duel owns the clan.

  • logging in for a few minutes once or twice a week does not count towards being “Active”

From a technical standpoint, this should be pretty easy to implement with a db table and math around time stamps for login entries. I don’t see why inactive leaders should be able to take control of their clan and resources/assets to the virtual grave with them when IRL a chain of succession would resolve leadership limbo.



This is the sole point I dont agree with. If someone quit, he has quit for good.
But logging in for a few minutes is the same maintenance mode people do for their bases.

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I figured some people might disagree there, but as I’ve seen on several clans/servers leaders login just to check on things and then log out without talking to anyone before completely going absent.
Then eventually everyone gets mad, loots everything and forms another clan anyways but with so much wasted time, energy and resources. I could see the same type of petty/possessive clan leaders doing the same thing. Logging in for 2 minutes just to refresh their ownership. Not saying all absent leaders are petty though. Some people get sick or have IRL things going on. Still though clans could use a quality of life feature that could save clans the grind of rebuilding without their leaders.

Hm. True.

What about some kind of kick out of clan vote?
If 75% or more agree, that person gets kicked out of the clan.

This only leaves the issue about leaders leaving a guild leaving said guild without a leader. (If that is possible? I think I saw one or two topics like that…)

If there is no leader anymore, the same thing you’ve mentioned would happen. (The most active of the next rank gets promoted.) I think it would suffice to happen on next server restart, but that is only me.

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