Clan leader leaves server

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Hi, as the title suggests our clan leader left the server and it would be right after a long time past to be able to pass the leader to still active players, therefore we ask if it is possible to introduce a similar function so as not to lose the clan given that the boss is not there. thank you


Do you something like a voting system, so the next highest ranked members can elect a new clan leader?

Hi, Yes, at least we have a method to have a clan leader or simply after a certain period of time automatically hunt out those that no longer connect and give others the clan leader.

Hello @GmV042, welcome to the community!

We really appreciate that you took the time to share your feedback with us, it has been forwarded to the developers for further consideration as it seems like a useful feature to have!

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Hi, thank you because our chief clerk has abandoned the game and we don’t want to lose all the work done, I trust in your work.

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is this feature will be availabe soon?or we will have any news about that?i mean if the developers gonna do it or no…so we can now what we will do

If they do add this, it should have a long time before it activates (90 days), and Clan owners should have the option to turn it off (just have it on by default).

It would really suck to build up a clan only to find out someone stole it because you went on vacation for a week or two.

But what if you completely abandoned the game? In that case the clan will be lost and every single member will lose everything he has built after days and days, there must be a right balance to avoid this end.

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