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Hi all,

A few friends and I are playing on an Official PVP server and our clan leader quit the game. I did a bit of researching and it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to transfer clan ownership to another person if the clan leader is not on. However, since all the posts I read about are posts from at least a year ago, I’m wondering if Funcom has added a feature that allows us to somehow transfer leadership to one of the active members. We have built so many outposts around the server in addition to a pretty sizeable home base, so we would really not like to break everything down and rebuild if possible. Cheers

this is one bad clan leader, leaving without passing the lead. any way to contact him?

I believe you are, unfortunately, out of luck. Unless you can convince your absentee clan leader to return to the game for five minutes to make someone else the leader.

Yet another reason in a long list of why I never wanted to join a clan.


I agree that there needs to be some sort of election system so that players themselves can rectify such a situation when a leader “ghosts” like this. It’s something I’ve seen far too often.

In the meantime, you can always try contacting the former leader. I know on PC you can open up the Clan tab and click on someone’s username to open that member’s Steam profile. From there you should be able to message them. Provided you didn’t part on bad terms, it might work out.

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Yeah, he’s a spinless ■■■■■■■. Me and a couple IRL friends merged with them out of conflict over some land. They seemed nice and went on and on about how they’d been wronged and they had trust issues. Gave us their word that if they ever quit, they’d transfer lead to one of us, but low and behold, he dips, uninstalls, and refuses to come back on randomly. He was probably plotting that from the start for some uncalled for reason. That sucks to hear :frowning:

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Sadly you have only two solutions:

1- Convince your clan leader to play just 5 mins to assign someone else the leadership.

2- Loot your own clan of all things, then leave the clan and make a new one.


Yeah if the worst comes to it, you can loot the rarest/most valuable bits, pull down the old base (every bit of it!) while keeping anything you want to keep in your inventories, then leave clan. Unfortunately player inventories are limited in number of items as well as weight, so you’ll be looking at a huge loss there. Any placed thralls are also lost to you (though not crafters). Still better than starting from zero though.

actually they play on official pvp server so they can “store” the stuff in unlocked stations and come and loot it multiple times. one of them can remain in the clan to open the doors until the rest loot it all.


That’s a good point, I was not aware that was an option.

If they choose to loot and destroy their former base as a new clan, could they capture the placed thralls ? They’ll need to break them again, but it might be easier than having to farm them again.

You can actually knock your own thralls out during raid times! Wait for raid time, knock your thralls out and then you can now transfer thralls to another clan!

I think FC should make the player with most played time become the leader of the clan when the former leader has gone for X time.

I prefer having the missing clan leader being dismissed after sometimes not connecting and clan members choosing their leader, than some dumb ai choosing it.


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