Clan Leader banned from the game, what now?

Hello fellow barbarians, Im going to be brief about this.

So this clan I and some friends got in, the leader got banned from the game, but his character is still there, so he stills remain with leadership, leaving the members trapped in the clan, after we build a lot, we dont feel like leaving the clan and loosing everything.

What can be done in this scenario?

contact an admin, they can transfer the clan leadership to another player.

Yes, but it is an official server, do you think a Gportal admin will do it?

I can’t believe there is nothing planned for this case. Funcom need definitely to work on this situation, not only for banned leaders but also for those who stop playing the game. Maybe something like in some MMOs, the ability to claim a clan leadership for any members if the leader has stop playing for any reason.


I would suggest that you write a DM to @Ignasi or @Hugo.


For sure, the actual clan management is too archaic. I really hope they refine it.

Yeah, I hope they can help Melcom, we tried to contact G-portal with no success. Thanks.

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