Clanleader rights

Game mode: [Conan Exiles #1060]
Type of issue: [Clanleader rights]
Server type: [#1060 PVP]
Region: [EU]


iam Aurora2702 … YES a female player :wink:
I got a Problem on #1060 … there are only about 4 or 5 other ppl they play active there…
So my Clanleader and the other Guys playes on other servers…

NOW they are banned from offical server … i dont know why BUT how can i get the Leader
of the clan if iam the only active player there ?!

Thx 4 Help :wink:



You can’t. There’s no provision for the transference of leader rights if the leader of a clan stops playing (for any reason).

This is not a bug, by the way.

You may want to look up some of the recent threads on similar topics (absent leader) for tips and tricks on how to salvage as much as possible from your current clan. Alternately you can just live with it, if they’re not coming back it’s effectively your clan anyway. Obviously that sucks if there are containers or vaults you’re locked out of, but those are probably lost to you in any case.

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Yes by an abenst leader … but if the leader is banned ?
I think this is another case … i hope so … xD


So i hope a Admin will give me an Answer too xD

let me give you one too. if your clan leader was banned by Funcom, it means that he has done something massive so nope, you are not getting your cheating clan back :joy: you should be greateful that you have access to their stuff still


the fact that you didn’t get banned is the amazing part. From the few bans i know of, the entire clan was usually banned because it was guilt by association. Most people in a clan know enough about who they play with that the idea is for clans to internally police. The only instance may be thru harassment messages.

But, yeah, you better start dismantling and givein to a non clan friend if you want your stuff.


or remove doors and leave chests unlocked…


I dont know the reason for the ban … Iam only at #1060. They play on many
others servers too. So why should i been banned ? I dont do anything and they dont do
anything on #1060

I know about the option to rebuild all with a new clan … i can also rescue the most stuff there.
But i Build this Base and i like it xD AND its very hard to rebuild there

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you can always stay in the clan :slight_smile: if you are playing alone it wouldn’t matter anyway.

I hope and Admin will answer me xD and has better words xD

i tried a google search and i found something which might help with the issue. better luck next time.


i never played an 1312 or so … and i dont think that the other guys makes a clan called 300 ?!

Aurora, I feel your plight and I’m glad you were not banned along with your clanmates. The admins do not take this sort of action unless there is indisputable proof of wrongdoing. Although I have no knowledge of the clan’s actions, it actually amazes me that someone in Funcom took the time to verify you were not involved. Were I you, that would seem to be a compliment.

As to an official response, may I suggest you ask for that in a direct message also? It may get more attention from the people you want to hear from. You can get a list of those people, with their DM address, by clicking the Dev Tracker at the top of the main page and the clicking “members (58)”. It also includes their title so you can direct the massage as you want to.

Personally, I would concentrate on what I wanted fixed, rather that ask for a specific reason for the actions they took. The former will get you a better response; the latter may be prohibited internally, since it may have involved an exploit.

Good luck !



Hello @aurora2702, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, there’s no way that we can assist you with this matter.

Even it the leader wasn’t banned and had simply left the server, there would be no way of transferring ownership to other members, so it would likely be best if you consider leaving the clan.


OK thx Hugo

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“300 / Legion” banned? ohh surpriseee… or not! XD im happy with this words.

i supose that 4th combo glitchs, stamglitch, dupes, undermesh, and more… help to ban them… and all it’s little things that it has been that conan exiles was abandoned in the official servers for a lot of good players tired of this bad practices…

i wish luck with your upgrade to clan lead. conan needs solve it. i was same situation than you long time ago.

other thing: @Ignasi conan exiles need a procedure to automatic pass to active member the leader if the leader dont connect since 1 week. as WoW had it.

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they were banned but they are actually back! they did the family transfer thing with steam account to get around the banned, they are back in 1312 under the name “the purge” but is the exact same guys, they were mocking, and laughing they can get around the bans! anyways I reported this to @Ignasi i’m unsure whether something will be done about it this time, but they are doing all the dirty gameplay as usual!

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Hey there,

To discuss about bans please contact any of our staff privately. Same for reporting exploits.
Since the original report has been answered, we’re proceeding to close this thread.