Clan Leader was banned, need help

So my clan leader was banned on a server that is not my server, for reasons I honestly do not know. The problem I have is there is no way to relinquish leadership to someone who is active in our clan which is an issue. I want to send a DM to Hugo or Ignasis about this but I am not sure how to do that. If anyone could be of some assistance, it would greatly be appreciated. Also, FYI, I am a new user so not sure if thats the biggest reason I can’t DM them.

Is this on official?

One think i learn so far is that there is always another server to play. Plus it is not so unpleasant to start new and meet new people. Most of the knowledge of the game was given to me this way. The nusty thing thow is that most of the players (even admins) have less than 30% knowledge of the game and this is sad.

new server, take ya friends 8]

Thanks, I appreciate the info.

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Were you able to contact Hugo or Ignasis about your clan issue?

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Now that’s something that should be addressed in a future patch. If the clan leader gets banned, leadership automatically passes to someone else.

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Agreed. they need to revamp the clan system rankings in future patches in general.
Many have suggested different ideas, but at the forefront should be clan leader ship rank. This way if clan is inactive for a certain time or in general has lost support of the rest of the clan, the clan can vote for a new leader (takes a 2/3 majority of the voters, no vote is same as saying keep current leader). This would only be available for clans with 3 or more. You need at least 2 voters (leader doesn’t vote). 2 man clans really should not have a leader per say. Clans should be 3 or more. 2 people should only be an alliance, with access to large chests (optional), vaults (optional), doors, crafting stations. You can have 3 alliances at once to avoid exploiting in some way.

Yet another reason I recommend unofficial servers, all you would need is an admin to contact who can jump on and help you out, it would literally take a few minutes and boom problem solved, but no admin support for official means that a 5 minute fix turns into “start again or deal with it”

IF you had this issue and were on a private server with an admin you would just need to message them either in game or on discord and they would be around to help you shortly. People really don’t know just how useful active server moderation is…

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