No clan leader please help

Server 3139 i recently gave clan leader to one of my members but when i joined back no one was leader anymore we also cant kick any of our members that have stopped playing how do we fix this issue we are currently fighting a war its not exactly an ideal time to be outnumbered xD

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Are you saying that the person you give clan leader to is not playing any more or did they relinquish leadership. If they just are not playing you need to get in touch with them.

Hi @Oogelyboogely, as sestus2009 as mentioned we need additional details in regards to what exactly happened to the clan leader and the exact steps taken for the issue to occur.

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I joined back and no one was clan leader we dont have anyone at rank 4 aka leader no one in the clan has the rank of leader lol its pretty naf what do we do?

i gave leader to a clan member and i left came back and no one had leader rank as far as i can tell i either gave leader and something messed up or i was able to leave as leader withou making anyone else leader rank thats really all i can say we have no idea how or why it happened so is there a fix for this or are we gonna have to start a new clan and simply transfer everything?

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Probably start a new clan and carefully transfer. I know it has been done. Good luck to you.

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For now, starting a new clan would be the best solution since there’s no system in place to assign a new leader in the eventuality the previous one becomes inactive or leaves.

We’ll be sure to take note of your feedback and register this situation as well.


Ty we fixed the problem all members leave besides 1 have the last person leave everything becomes owned by the last 1 to leave clan have them join ur new clan problem solved leader rank is restored GG


Good job!!! I feel this needs to be pinned as a best work around until something more permanent can be coded for leadership transfers.

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