Request for Clan Lead on official server 1116

Dear Admins,

due to my 3 months absence in playing Conan Exiles I handed over the clan leading postion to a clan mate. After these 3 months I came back and realized that he got a ban due to a clan join on another server where that clan obviously cheated. Unfortunately my clan mate was unaware of that clan’s (un)fair playing policy so he got a collective ban together with that clan just after some minutes of play there.

My problem is now that my clan on our server (official 1116, clan name "Gods of Cimmeria) is now without clan head. Lot of players left and I am not able to get them back or to make them to leave the clan. I cannot recruit new ones as the other clan mates have officer status like me. I cannot kick them out.

I built there a lot - 2 years work and 4k hours on this server is then lost. I loved and enjoyed that time very much. It would a pitty. I need that clan lead postion back. Please help.

Best Regards,

What a pitty … not at least one feedback … thx Funcom …

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