Clan leader left game

Good day, the leader of our clan has not been in the game for a very long time, but he did not transfer the rights to leadership to anyone. Is it possible to somehow solve this issue? I play on the official server.

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No. The only person that can transfer the leadership is the leader himself

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Welcome exile. Like @tobi04 said very correct only the clan leader can change the leadership.
The question is why?
Why you seek the leadership of the clan?
Plus tell us please the aspect you play, pve, pve c or pvp?

I strive for clan leadership because two players in our clan no longer play (including the leader), and the rest rarely come in, so I would like to be able to lead the clan and invite other players.


Inside raid yourself. Create some vaults, fill it with your stuff, unlock them and leave the clan. Raid these unlocked vaults and establish you new clan.

Yes inside raiding is ugly and sinful but so is abandoning your clan without succession. It’s the only way I can think of within the op capabilities to work this out.


I play on pve server, its full name Official Server #1300

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Unfortunately, I have achieved too much in the extraction of resources and built a lot of structures, so I doubt very much that I will be able to build all this again, so this option is unacceptable for me, although I knew about it.

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Now let’s see what you can do here…

You don’t need to be clan leader to invite others, you just need to be a member :man_shrugging:.

The only power clan leader has is to kick or lock the vaults, nothing else.

My opinion…
No matter if you’re going to miss the clans fortune, it is not yours.
Since you agreed to play in someones clan, then you accept to work for him-her, so nothing is yours.


Because you worked a lot and since these persons no longer log in, gather all the active members, fill your bodies with materials and anything else you need, leave the clan and create a new one. The builds of the old clan will decay in 7 days. The decay timer after the seventh day has some hours extra before they totally decay. At this time you can demolish every single chest and gain the loot. The thralls need 2 weeks to decay, but if you need the territory to rebuild go and place some decorations around the territory until the thralls totally decay so you can claim this territory again. If you want this to be in exactly 8 days and no longer, release the thralls before you leave the clan.

The game mechanics are rules from the day you fresh joined the game. These rules exists years now and they come handy and fair to thousands of players who played this game, but ofcurce some decades on hundreds thousands might not like them, it’s fair enough :wink:.

I empathize with your situation, mate. That really sucks.

My advice follows what @stelagel said: Pack up as much as you can onto your character and in body vaults near you, and once you have a satisfactory amount, leave the clan, take your goods, and begin anew. It sucks that you’ve put so much hard work into building (And PVE-ers build some really cool stuff) that will now have to go to waste, but by retaining your materials, you can get a massive head start on your new clan.


Ask Funcom via Zendesk.

In the past, they have helped in this exact situation.


I didn’t knew that, thank you @Nemisis

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Are you THE @Nightwatch from EA days? Do you have a base called Chain Fire?

You have stated that you play on officials and at a later post that you have build a lot on that server. So it seems you have several base spots claimed and built on which can fast lead to zendesk reports if other players feel your buildings are “spamming the server”. I can tell you, if you didn´t got reported yet you will at some point if you have buildings everywhere. If you get admin wiped you and your clan will end up with nothing.

Its never good to not have an active leader if you play with a group. If he desides to come back and is angry about something one of you did while he was away, I tell you this could end in kicking you all out. Then you will have a real problem, because you will loose it all. Right now everything gets handled your way, you are still able to control the situation. Use it as long as you can, because it can change very fast and then you might end up with nothing. I have seen this a lot on servers and I tell you, it mostly never ends well if the leader gets inactive.

So my advise is the same as others have already said: put up vaults, gather your belongings, pick up building pieces from your outposts, leave the clan and start over. This is the best you can do, even if it means a lot of work and rebulding to you. But I would rather endure that, then wake up one day naked and kicked out of the clan with nothing left.

how can i do it better? I don’t quite understand where to find Zendesk

You can find Zendesk in the introduction section of this Forum wish I could send you the link. As far as making vaults make sure that you can open it before you make a bunch I had a player with us made a vault that he could not open until we promoted up a level. @Akant


Try here: Funcom (

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