Clan leader has passed away

I’ve seen some posts that were from 2019 about transfering ownership not being possible was curious if this was still true today. We havent been able get in touch with our clan leader and the last message from him was letting us know hes been inactive due to health issues.

We play official pvp siptah and want to know if there is a way to transfer ownership. I already know we can take everything down & rebuild but if there is a simpler way that would be great.

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Sorry to hear someone has passed away.
Unfortunately unless funcom magically steps in which I highly doubt then you are forced to grab all your valuables and rebuild. Personally I wouldn’t go through all the effort of removing the base. Just let it decay


Try Zendesk It might be possible to reassign leadership.

I know it can be done on private servers. And I seem to recall FunCom doing it in the past.
But I don’t know their current stance on the matter.

It can’t hurt to ask.


Currently, no… I had to help a guy I play with do just that when he finally decided to leave his clan as the last remaining member. He took all he could, tore down his buildings, etc. however, he lost all of his combat thralls since they’re tied to the clan. Still, it worked. I gave him a few and he had some on reserve to hold him over while he rebuilt.


Thanks will try that.


Check the new update notes too! They say something about it coming on the next patch!

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