Funcom help pls 3000h in Conan. First time ask for rly love help❤️

Hey our clan leader. Have stop the game we cant see him. Online or have contact with him he are offline on everything. He haven’t. Show up for more then 40 days we aren’t officer and we don’t have any can invite ppl to clan :frowning: we have build big base and have a lot of stuff we can’t. Delete all and make new clan ther any Way funcom help us whit this problem. ? We have put a lot of time on base we don’t want rly delete it:(. We have slot of friends want join Conan and be in our clan :((

I suppose you’re playing on an official server (because if you’re in private server you can ask help to your server admin).

I don’t think Funcom can do anything for you in that case, but you have few other options that was examined here:

Even if it’s not optimal, looting everything, destroy everything, than leave the clan, make a new one and rebuild all it’s always a viable option.


I see an issue here:

  • If Funcom helps you, the legitimate clan leader may return and make an issue of such interference. He could say that if he wanted to pass the clan he would. He didnt appoint officers which proves that he had no trusted members in the clan.
  • If Funcom doesn’t help you, you will be upset and your friends will be upset but can you blame anyone but yourself for trusting the wrong person? He could have kicked you all and left you with nothing, at least now you can take all items and simply rebuild the base. You can even dismantle the base for the materials.

Funcom should not interfere. They should make it so that the clan leader would not be able to leave the clan without appointing a new one.

They could also add a system allowing officers to take over the leadership if the leader hasnt been online for 30 days. 1-2 weeks is too short in my opinion.

I feel your pain here but I would appreciate if Funcom doesn’t take away guilds based on the words on a member.


I think that ordinary decay timer * 1,5 would be enough. All solo players must log in regularly to prevent decay of their bases and death of their pets and thralls. Why would clan leader leave the game for significant time and not care? Clan should not be a thrall army for one player, without any property or rights. It is very harmful for “social life” on servers: people can’t make temporary allies, people can’t make friends because of fear to loose everything after joining a clan, and people can’t cooperate because base guardians are aggressive to all their guests.

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They should have implimented things from the beginning. A chronological decay for clans.

If a person is clan leader and gone for a period of time then they should drop a rank. The next person in line would be the one who was clanned next. It would go in order of join.


My standard holidays are 2-3 weeks. Standard decay *1.5 is not enough.

EDIT: the clan didnt lose everything just the respect for their leader, the building and a few thralls. The loot is theirs to take and they can dismantle the base if they wish so.

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And what do another people without “clanmate thralls” do with their holidays? Their bases just decay. Your base will not decay, you will only loose leadership if you don’t want to pass it to your trusted clanmates on free will.

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so you will be ok if you have built the clan from the ground, then you go on holidays for 10 days and you log back in to see yourself kicked cos your clan mates didnt like you anymore?

EDIT: because this issue only occurs when the clan leader doesn’t want to pass the lead for one or another reason.

Hmmm. I don’t have any clan, so what should I do if I’d like to go on holidays for 10 days? When I’ll be back all my base will decay and all my pets and thralls will be dead. It’s the harsh game about the harsh land. If you trust nobody in your clan then kick them all and play all by yourself as others do.

same can be said to op and no changes would be needed because what he has faced is an extreme situation and doesn’t happen when you have a good person for a leader :slight_smile:

He havent ben online and we have build everything. So What he Will lose ? We send him messeg from steam and discord he not even online ther. Moré then 40days.

We are friends from
Differens game we all just don t know What happen to him. He is like dead.

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No any feed back from devl team :frowning: so we need wipe all out base and remake in same spott /( we rly love our place. We look alot of server until it was Free :slight_smile:

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The developers do not provide any kind of “game master like” support, including help with absent clan leaders. Unfortunately there’s also no provision in the game itself for fixing the situation, short of the nuclear option of dismantling your own base, leaving clan and starting over.

Crafting thralls can be taken as-is, fighter thralls will probably need to be re-captured and broken on the wheel again, but it’ll still be easier than finding them out in the wild. Remember to take the armor and weapons off of them first, I believe that is lost otherwise (though I could be wrong).

You’ll have an easier time of it if some of you leave the clan to start the new one, while at least one stays behind in the old clan to loot it of all it’s worth, remove doors, unlock containers, move thralls out etc.


I don’t question that at all just saying that if they assist one player, they have to be prepared to assist all. That could be a lot of work especially considering that there will be people trying to abuse the system which may cause further issues. @Mikey offered a pretty good explanation of what can be done.

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Yeah my friends make new clan and wr
Have fix 6 vault to put rly close to the base whit new clan and i stat on old and destory and put in vault whit open mode


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