Ghost clanleader

Hey guys,

I have a problem with being a ghost clanleader, i’m the only one in my clan at the moment yet i can’t invite other people to the clan anymore. In the clanmembers list i’m ranked as 1 star so thats weird too.

This all started when i made someone else clanleader before transferring away. I came back on the server with my main account and my friend invites me back into the clan and made my main account clanleader again. We noticed that our ranks didn’t changed but i was ghost clanleader since then because i was able to demote him etc. just like a clanleader can yet in the memberslist he was listed as officer and i was listed as rank 1 since then. We didn’t thought much of it as i still had the power of clanleader. Couple days forward and i want to revert this whole process again by switching/transferring only to stumble on the problem that i could’t leave clan and my friend got the : you’re clanleader you can’t leave before you make someone else clanleader again or something like that. So we tried figuring out a couple things… i was able to kick him, but now i’m solo in clan as a ghost leader unable to invite him back to clan or any other new players at all… the only other options are leaving the clan but the base would just be nobody’s and all process will be lost ( and we played for 2 months same server ) so I don’t really want to do that !

Please help

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If you are the last one in the clan you should be able to leave. The base will go to the last one in clan

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It should do that ye, but i saw a lot of people with the same problem and they tested it out. Test came out: that because the game doesn’t recognize me being clan leader and i leave, the buildings will be left to the clan but since i wasn’t official clan leader that left, nobody can keep the base …

I suppose it’s possible. It is Conan so I wouldn’t be surprised. I know something similar happened to me I was clan lead but did not give me the power to promote to lvl 3 or demote anyone lvl 3. Unfortunately the one guy the guy that I couldn’t demote stopped playing the game and would not get back on to leave clan. This making my character on that server completely stuck can’t even recreate lol. I made a couple tickets back then never heard back. Good luck

Welcome to the Forum I’ve heard of this happening and I think some people may have solved the problem but it has been a while back. @Community any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

Ye i saw this happened too basically all the posts about this “ no clan leader “ problem but i figured i’ll just give it a shot you know. Most of them were already dated you know.

I understand a little about games, i think funcom installed a hot fix somewhere that they can’t get around of and thats also why nobody’s getting responses about this. Happens in most of the games nowadays…

I wonder how we gone from shoving cd’s in your ps1/2 and play endlessly even with scratches on it not the mention there was almost no installing periode cause you just had the game on your cd and the ps1/2 just read it to a world where some of us buy a new game ( still a cd ) to wait for hours of downloading/installing time to only then come to play games that are unfinished and you then have to complain about it to get things fixed on forums like this just like i’m doing now. You gotta love it man.

Things need to change in this gaming industry of today. Marketing needs to go out of the window, because only thing marketing is focussed on is : how much bread can i make with the lowest amount of ingredients. Or else saying. How much money can i make, with putting in the lowest amount of money from my own pocket. Such a shame, the focuss should always be foremost about delivering a good product which is true to the developers who invest there time in it. And not by hasty money making decisions…

Thanks for your response anyways boobie


Oh snap, if you could find the solution that would be sweet, i can’t find it to be honest …

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@Wak4863 do you have any ideas on this. Watching your video on obsidian on Siptah today by the way thanks for what you do. @VDGAAST wak has great videos

I looked in discussion page only found your post but I am not tech savvy
Good luck

No worries thanks for any info you gave though

Yeah i watch his videos too sometimes but i don’t think he has a video on this subject

There’s no need for further help, i think i can get around this problem in the future, not to sure but we’ll see. For now i took matters into my own hands and destroyed the entire base, i’ll try leaving the clan with every piece being dismantled and i’m gonna try making a new clan and see if i can and actually am clanleader again. I’ll update this thread on sunday if this works …

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Thanks @sestus2009 for bringing me in.

So here is what I would try if I was in your situation. Kick or have everyone leave the clan. Then leave the clan as clan leader. The building should follow whoever started the building, then make a new clan and invite everyone to the clan again. If you are/aren’t clan leader and you can’t leave it would be a fix for Funcom or you would have to recreate your character unfortunately.

In the future if you plan to leave / transfer and come back make someone the clan leader and leave them as it. My wife is the leader of my clan, she doesn’t play anymore but she holds the clan and I am free to come and go as I please. You could also do this with an ALT account it just gets tricky to get yourself an invite if you only have one system. Then you might have to pass CL around a little bit.

I would still say this is something FC should look into because it sounds like a glitch in the database somewhere with the clan leader registration.


Thanks wak I everyone appreciates your help :blush:


Thanks for the info wack. This was pretty much what we came up with as a plan to prevent it too. I encountered this problem while i was using 2 seperated accounts actually so you still gotta watch out doing the switcheroo’s. The deal is all done though. Pretty much deleted the whole base because we didn’t want to wait for decay if it’s nog giving me all the base back when out of the clan. We’re doing the takeover with a new clan made tonight, but i think this will definitely give no problems ^^

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Leaving the clan as “ no clan leader “ but last person in clan doesn’t let you keep what you’ve build before. Luckely i destroyed most of the base except for a couple undermesh pieces…

Basically if you have this bug and you made a big base and are not as crazy as me there’s not much you can do other then grabbing everything you have make a new clan and leave everything behind and start over at a new location… bummer…

Hope they fix this in the future, massive let down if you played for so long

Exactly what I said