Clan owner lost ownership, now leaderless

Our clan leader went to recreate her char (to change hairstyle; plz give us a barber thrall or something) and it said to leave clan and xfer ownership, first, but didn’t let her cancel. She said it went right into char creation. Now our clan has no leader to promote others to allow clan invites. Is there an admin command to gain ownership of a clan that she can use?

We currently have just 2 admins who can invite into the clan until we can get an admin command to force ownership onto someone.

Someone already mentioned a possible workaround that requires everyone to leave the clan and all ownership of structures is given to the last person to leave. Then by that person joining the new clan, all structures are brought back into the new clan ownership. Do we have confirmation that this works? We have a LOT of structures and clanmembers who’d be pissed if they’d lost them.

The last person to leave a clan owns all of the property.
if everyone in the clan agrees, everyone leave, then restart a new clan.
so long as the last person to leave joins the new clan, everything should be as before.
you can even use the same name.


Ah, ty! We ended up doing it a more techy way with editing the database. We had a more advanced user go into the .db and change the rank there, and it worked! TY for the reply, tho!

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