Suggestion for decay timers (attrition timers)

I would like to suggest that decay timers be tied to a clan’s active time playing the game on a server. It would benefit servers if clans (or players for solo players or 1 man clans) had to hit specific active times on a server to keep a full 240 hour timer. Players or clans that only log in to refresh timers would eventually be forced to be more active or they lose their builds. It could be metered down so that a clan isn’t screwed if everyone takes summer vacation for the same month, but would run down for those who only log in to refresh timers for months or years at a time. I think that if a clan/player is only refreshing timers and not playing, that after a few months of that, they should see their decay timers cut down. What that math should be, I don’t know. It shouldn’t be too heavy handed, but it should also penalize those who are basically just saving builds but aren’t playing beyond the time it takes to refresh their build once a week.

Say, a player or clan only logs in long enough to refresh their timers for a month, their decay timers drop from 240 hours to 180. 2 months of less than an hour played per week and they drop to 120, and so forth. (this is just used as a crude example to illustrate my idea).

It gets frustrating seeing builds for many months, and in some cases more than a year, where there is no activity beyond refreshing timers weekly. People holding ideal spots ‘hostage’ that are not actively playing, and their bases just contributing to server lag since they aren’t used, but still load/render any time a player gets within range.

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Im a solo clan and i hold prime real estate.

What constitutes activity? Emoting? Crafting? Killing?

What’s the determination of what activity is?

I literally got bullied out of spot because the clan wanted space to expand and i said no im not leaving- i log in a few weeks later and my base was gone except for my dancer thrall.

No idea how they did it but i will not be bullied by people who think its their right to “own” pieces of digital space.

As it turns out the offender had removed their ENTIRE base and rebuilt it somewhere else.

Do what i do, deal with it. Find somewhere else. I do it all the time.


This has been brought up before, but then, they never account for players that play on multiple servers. I play on both EL and Siptah and go in spurts. I’m not giving up one server because I don’t wanna play on it for a bit. I play them both and I’m active on both… just not always at the same time. Since they deactivated transfers, I have to choose which one I want to play at the time.

I have my preferred spot, and love it. I’ve been there for ages, (since 2019, iirc) and am consistently active on the server. This isn’t an issue for me, so much as it is for new players to the game, who often struggle to find a place they can enjoy, because of the legacy players who’s gameplay consists of logging in once a week long enough to refresh their timers. If your gameplay for more than a few months has consisted of refreshing timers, maybe you are the ones who should go build on a private server, since you’re not actually playing the game anymore. Players like you add nothing to the community with months/years of playing the refresh game. No need to be pathologically selfish on public servers.

I’ve suggested in the past to tie this to the challenge system in some form.

The way it would work is challenges completed on a server would be how to increase your decay timers on that server (completing them on SP or other MP servers would have no effect on the server the player wishes to refresh decay on). This would be configurable by the server settings so server admins would have direct control over how many challenges would need to be completed.

This would give players an incentive to keep completing challenges long after completing a season’s battlepass. And players who don’t wish to engage in such can choose to play on servers without the setting enabled.


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