Change the afk clan leader to the most active officer (or just the most active member if no officers)


My clan leader has been gone for a week now without notice, that means if we all like him and didn’t show up in game for this long time, all the stuff are gonna get decayed.

Now that the clan may work fine without clan leader for a while, there are limitations:
1.No member can invite new member except for officer, it is intended yes, but no new officer can be made without clan leader
2.No one can kick clan member even they afked since they are in the clan, and with current clan size of 10, that means the clan can only get less active, since afk members usually don’t have the decency to leave clan by themselves as well.
3.No real leadership. I know that probably many ppl in a clan don’t actually get “ruled” by the leader, still who calls the shot is important in situations like pvp raiding. And well, a leader is needed even it’s just a title

^With these I want to say that the clan leader should be switched to the next most active officer/member if the clan leader has been afk for a week (he can of course get the rank back if he returns and the clan still welcome him).

Consider this as the further step for inactive “cleanse”, since clan members can’t really just leave a inactive clan if they built a town and the whole town belongs to the clan


im in a similar situation but clan leader is gone for over a Month now. Im just a recruit and no one else in the clan.
I have built multiple outposts and the main base is HUGE because of my efforts. Im kinda stuck or just have to leave and start fresh :frowning:

Something really needs to done on this. There really needs to be a way for clans with inactive leaders to assume control.