Here is the benifit of clan system restructure

Dear Devs,
I think restructuring the current clan structure could help player retention and DLC sales. No matter how good the game, gameplay eventually becomes routine. Social dynamics is what keeps a long-lasting, money spending player base. Below is my take on it.

I got the game a few months ago along with some friends. We started a clan, times were great. As time went on, they moved on to other games. I still enjoy Conan, but they left a social void that makes the gameplay feel lacking. Due to the current clan structure, anyone I would invite to continue the social aspect I am currently lacking could take everything I’ve spent hundreds of hours grinding towards. The risk is simply too high, especially with new players. I want to have connections with people here, build up new players as part of my army. Without them in my clan, it just is not the same. The current system has too high a risk to expand clan sizes with players you only sort of know. 99% of new players fall into this category. From best practices from other games, I humbly recommend the following.

A door locking structure by rank or keyed to players. Rust has this and it is functional and allows people to have clan increases while protecting core clan infrastructure.

Ability to designate who can destroy or protect clan objects. A door and lock would not work if someone can replace a wall with a doorway or simply destroy the wall. Currently, the risk of a disgruntled player or a troll in hiding, to destroy something that took a thousand + hours to build is too great to invite others.

I think adding these two features would greatly incentivize more social interaction among players, give newer players the ability to learn the ropes from veterans, which in turn would add to player retention especially among new players. This would lead to more DLC sales. Thank you


How is that going to prevent players to destroy stuff, they can simply leave clan at any time when it’s raid hours and you not there, just to blow up things and take your stuff. I think this is just a risk we all have to take when we invite new players (I’m in charge with recruiting so I feel your pain). Problem with this, there is no solution at all.
Ability to destroy or protect clan objectives- hmm what happens when the base gets attacked and only people there the ones who can only destroy? they can’t rebuild stuff. Can you imagine with a decent size of clan how painful is when people ask you ‘hey I need to build this and that, can you give me the right to do so?’’ and let’s say you not online and all other players need to wait for you to get on so you can change building/protection rights.

Lockable box will be definitely a good way to go about it, so only high rank officers can access to that specific box. I like that idea.

dunno about pvp but sounds great for pve… ppl dont wanna make clan unless they know u

even on pvp the stuff you said can be done just give those u trust permisson to build or destoy

Heres what we can do right now and i found this out by accident-

The rank system prevents a noob rank from accessing the vault.

People were so concerned about the size of the vault they forgot about this feature.

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time to build a vault

if your on PC move to private server and look at mods … there are mods that allow what you are looking for … why doesnt funcom listen and make something similar and better I will never know.

Did not forgot, I’m not concerned but I prefer chests instead (the size of) the vault.

I manage the clan by words & actions, not settings…
If you can’t trust teammate, why would you be in a clan.
I get the suggestion and if they build it in as a option it would be fine but it isn’t crucial.

Because they don’t have the resources to do everything at the same time, so they need to prioritize. Every day they get more new requests (or demands) on these forums for new, improved features, new cosmetic content, new PvP balance updates, bug fixes, etc. Even rebuilding the whole game on a new Unreal engine. Gotta choose which ones to do first, which could be done later, and which are not feasible.

with Ue5 coming support will get less and less for ue 4.15 … i think its time for htem to actually start thinking about upgrading the engine so they can benefit from better coding power of UE

Would be nice but you have to take cost and I’m not talking about money or time. But more toward what would be altered also looking at the game would it have negative affects on the way game works can it support a upgrade with out the entire game needed redone because this and this will
Be off or act perfectly on top of that time is the big key now take all that together you would get two options 1 year of no updates or dlc or anything as game need to be redone dlc can’t come cause they have to redone anything they worked on so that could kill it At that point stop updating this and start over or everything could perfectly be fine. Flip
Of the coin which would be better and that’s something they will have to think and look at carefully before they do It would be nice to get new engine upgrades but we will see

The vault is a good for a start but we still need to limit new player from dismissing thralls or removing crafting thrall from the bench and dropping them. I think this really is a great game but just like Rainius players from our clan have drifted on to other games. Bringing on new players is a huge risk that could be mitigated by permissions.

They can destroy the vault to get in if they really want. So feature is worthless.

They may be thinking about it already. However, UE5 is not even released yet, so we’re talking about several years before “Conan Exiles UE5” even has a chance to become reality. It’s probably worthwhile to keep updating the old one until that.

A rework like described would have the largest affect on PVE-C and PVE, but even with pvp will benefit from it. All chest should have the ability to lock with permissions. If someone decides to leave your clan while they are inside your base, they would still have to be able to blow their way out of it and would no longer have access to their granted permissions. thralls would auto engage them at that point as well and they would not have access to additional resources with out locking them selves out of the base.

I see players come cant find anyone who will let them join their clan under the current system and leave all the time. I have seen numerous level 60s spin their wheels when friends leave. They stick it out for a couple weeks, then just give up due to lack of player interaction. The current clan system is having a direct negative effect on the player base.

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