More significance in clan hierarchy

I’m Brazilian and I translated this text on google, sorry for possible errors :upside_down_face:

A detail that makes it very difficult to increase a clan and thus make new friends is the possibility that a newcomer and with the minimum position can make an internal raid destroying everything we take time to build.
And this sometimes prevents us from adding well-intentioned people to the clan, because of the knife we ​​need to take thanks to this weakness in the hierarchy (which could become more significant).

That’s why I would like to suggest that the minor positions in the clan be made impossible to at least break the buildings. Maybe unable to break bonds with lackeys too?!

I thought of an option to access chests according to the level in the clan as well, but giving more security to the buildings would be a great start.

Performing this update in the clan hierarchy, in addition to making it more meaningful would help and further unite the community and encourage the creation of new friendships.
I see new players arriving on the server, but I can’t invite them to join the clan even at the lowest level, for the safety of everything I put together in hours and hours playing.

I appreciate the space for the suggestions, these are mine. I hope it happens :two_hearts:


At one time low level clan members couldn’t open a vault that they could create and put down. No idea if they could have broken it down you could experiment. Your suggestion would be helpful I am admin on a couple server’s and enjoy bringing in people new to the game but don’t want want admin toys and prizes turned loose on the server. @B4BYi have several Portuguese speakers on and off on my server your translations much better than mine fortunately found one fellow who speaks English and just a little Spanish he is a great :+1:help.


They could destroy it. That was the whole joke about the feature. Couldn’t access the inventory of the vault due to rank. But they could just destroy it instead.


Thanks years ago I ran into New clan mate made one and couldn’t open it I promoted so he could my server so wasn’t to worried what would happen. Kick search and destroy turned out he was a good kid. Thanks for the info. Smack or hug @stelagel when you see him next makes him feel better. Love that guy.


Haha, @stelagel is the best, my CE family. :black_heart:


Mine to plus my wife and a ten year old. If the ten year old and our Greek friend got together they would rule the PS4 Conan world


Rules are rules, they exist for every person here, no exceptions. I was flagged for off topic, correctly. I didn’t read the post correctly, so they act correct. I have blind trust to the system and when I got attacked in the past @AndyB was there to help at once. So no worries :+1:t6:

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Plenty of those. I am getting tired of them it’s why I read more than comment anymore. Texting skills not that great can’t keep up with what I am thinking especially when p o,d going to actually try and play the game now but Exiles or siptah so many choices.


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