Clan hierarcy and door/box passwords

So I have had many questions about joining my clan from unknown player but i hesitate to invite them because the risk is too big.
So this is my suggestion: New member on lower tier in clan cannot acces to anyone else’s vaults/boxes/crates etc if its locked or trought any door if it is locked. They cannot destroy existing blocks/buildings etc if they have not build it.
And this suggestion contains update that you could lock doors and boxes from lower tier clan members. One great thing would be password. Like if we have a wall that blocks some shortcut and had a door in it we could set a password that some other players out of the clan could use the door aswell but only higher tier clan members could change the password.
I hope you take this suggestion serious because it would make better gaming experience to the players.
And it would be nice that this update would be in all game modes pve/pvec/pvp


be better if they just allow bitmasking and then allow clan leader to set up ranks and what they can access … if you need an example look no further then discord system.

sorry my english i don’t speak very well

imagine that you switched places with a newbie, you will now enter the clan, by the current system you will lose your base your animal slaves, everything will have a new clan owner, and you will not even have access to the clan’s trunks. did you have advantages or disadvantages ??? there’s more, if you decided to leave the clan because you didn’t like the group, you lost everything, the fear is not only of those who call the clan, but also of those who go to the clan of strangers, but we don’t always have friends who play and we need to go to a clan of strangers, it was always like that in any game, but not in conan, do you see where the problem is ?? just change the system of clans, just that when entering the clan the game asks if you want to donate your base to the clan or keep it, just that the game whenever you build, ask if you want to build for the clan or for yourself, a button like clan mode and solo mode. that would be a solution and not block access and make the clan even more demotivating, and even if this resource exists, over time it is necessary to release it to everyone, nobody stays in a clan that has no access to anything, my tips are

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