Add a low level Clan tier for noobs and allied clans

Trusting new players isn’t very easy. I’ve known clans that got insided too easily. Why not have a noob tier that doesn’t allow noobs to delete or place building pieces. The chests and vaults could have another choice in the radial selection wheel that might say something like ‘semi unlocked’ or ‘bolted’, which allows noob access. Otherwise locked boxes could only be opened by officers and other clan members. Same for doors. This allows parts of the castle to be off limits. Actually, if this were implemented, it might also serve as a method for making alliances. An allies clan name could be added to this noob teir, which would give them limited access to things you want them to have access to, without making yourself too vulnerable to betrayal. By adding the clan name of an ally clan to your hierarchy, it would also keep your thralls and pets from attacking them and theirs… and vica versa.


Alliance is a thing that we already do it “manually”, but I agree having some sort of mechanic featuring it would make it easier because of thralls or itens/structures interaction among clans.

About the access of chests, vaults and doors, a thing that could help with that and easier to be implemented I suppose, is to put a password, so you let it only the ones you trust have access, and making recruits unable to dismantle anything.

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