Different levels of access within clans

Any news on Funcom giving us a way to restrict access of buildings/chest by different ranks within the clan structure? Would make bringing new people into the clan a lot less stressful.

Should be like Rust where you can set access to certain doors, so you can make a new member room and put noob gear in there for them.

Can you elaborate on this? I’ve played on couple of servers with bunch of people and had 0 problems with any clan related things. I regularly see such threads both here and reddit as if someone opening doors and letting others inside your base, or stealing t4 thralls, or outright dismantling your base while you are asleep is a common thing :thinking:

@tin_egg - may not be a common thing at the moment but having some safeguards to prevent this kind of griefing isn’t a bad thing either.

I have wondered if they would add some things like this as well. I think it is a good idea to put in a few restrictions of some kind. Lock a door to your room. Keep a chest private. prevent someone from tearing down or altering your main castle.

No they explained that they want sabtodge in clans it adds element of uncertainty. So invite comes with risk.

Plenty of sabotage in EvE Online and it has a massive system for restricting people within an organization. So that excuse doesn’t cut it.

It’s quite simple make a big base were two clans can build. Then newb clan be limited on entering and exiting base. We’re all good resources and stash be controlled by the main.

This kind of thing is always an issue reply the only good way to handle this is etheir give access restrictions or don’t let randoms in a base which is not fun.

People backstabbing will still happen but at least it will feel less stressful.

I like to have restricted access just to force people to still have to play the game and not get top gear instantly.

Also would be nice to limit who can build so only people of a certain rank can build within the main vase area to not mess up design

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